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(STATION) Partners With (SCHOOL) in Nation’s Largest Mock Election
Date City, State—On October 30, 2008, students at (SCHOOL) will have a chance to cast their vote in the 2008 national election five days before their parents—perhaps giving a glimpse of what might be in store for the state and the nation. (SCHOOL) and (STATION) will join schools and stations in all 50 states as well as across the world in the National Student/Parent Mock Election, the largest nonpartison voter education project of its kind. Voting will take place at (PLACE). (STATION) is partnering in this effort in hopes of inspiring today’s students to become lifelong voters. In the 2004 presidential election, less than half of young Americans ages 18 to 24 voted. Today, the country’s population of future voters younger than age 18 is larger than ever. If present trends continue, the majority of these youth will not go to the polls and vote. “Our goal is to support our community and our democracy by engaging students and their families in the election process,” said (STATION MANAGER). “These students understand the importance of their vote and will carry that into adulthood. Partnering with (SCHOOL) has allowed us to help kids have a hands-on, real life experience. The enthusiasm is contagious.” Many mock campaign activities are already underway. Students are (EXAMPLES OF MOCK ACTIVITIES). (STATION) is there to support them by (EXAMPLES OF STATION SUPPORT/ PROVIDING PSAs, NEWS COVERAGE, OTHER SUPPORT). “It’s great to see the students take such an active role in their learning,” said (TEACHER OR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR). “Kids whose parents might not have voted are now discussing the issues and the importance of the vote with their children. Kids might even be teaching their parents a thing or two about the election.” In the 2004 National Student/Parent Mock Election, more than 4 million votes were cast. In the 2008 mock election, (STATION) is proud that the students from (SCHOOL) will add to that impressive total. “If we can play a role in helping our youth gain a greater understanding of their civic duties and how being involved makes our community stronger, then our station can feel good about doing our civic duty,” said (STATION MANAGER).

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