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					?Tumor, malignant tumors, abdominal pain, checking, coated

?Treatment of hepatic Hemangioma


Hepatic Hemangioma is the most common benign tumor of the liver, the
exact cause is unknown, the general opinion is congenital dysplasia.
In the process of embryonic development, due to vascular Dysplasia,
caused by the tumor-like a Hemangioma hyperplasia. Shengjing
affiliated hospital of China six surgical wear

Its clinical manifestations, with tumor size, location, growth rate,
patients with systemic conditions and tissue damage. Tumor hours
without any clinical symptoms, many other diseases rows B-mode
ultrasound and CT and MRI and CT or row when you accidentally
laparotomy was found.
Patients with symptomatic Hemangioma, the most common symptoms are
abdominal pain, chronic pain or performance for the swelling and pain,
more because of the rapid body growth, retraction capsular or
thrombosis, capsular is pain caused by inflammation. When the tumor,
oppression of the neighbouring organ, may appear on the abdominal
discomfort, diarrhea, abdominal pain, belching and other symptoms.

Not malignant hepatic Hemangioma, treatment depends on tumor size,
position and growth rate, etc. For diameter of less than 5cm
Hemangioma and without any clinical symptoms are due to liver
parenchyma, you can follow every year to the available b-observation
of changes without the need for special handling. While the diameter
greater than 5cm or clinical signs were increasing due to tumor
appear to surrounding organs of compression, or to have adverse
effects on the cardiovascular system, or be a life-threatening
aneurysm, and malignant tumors cannot distinguish shall conduct an
effective treatment.

There is no cure for hepatic Hemangioma, preferred surgical treatment,
liver resection or Angioma extracapsular surgery. Extracapsular
surgery can complete peeling tumor while retaining normal liver
parenchyma, is the most ideal therapy. We have dozens of cases each
year, treated quickly, 3-5 minutes to complete the peeling process.
More than 95 percent of patients without blood transfusion. After 7-
10 days after discharge.

As regards intervention on the exact effect does not, and if the
Embolic agents choose incorrectly can vascular embolization of bile
duct, which caused serious consequences in the long term, may result
in similar to sclerosing cholangitis change, or even require liver

Hepatic Hemangioma in particular position on the table's rows should
avoid Hemangioma in ultrasound-guided needle injections of medication,
because the coating worn in the event of intraperitoneal, life-
threatening bleeding.

Following is our peeling hemangiomas photos.
?Tumor, malignant tumors, abdominal pain, checking, coated

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