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?Recurrent abortion


28 weeks of pregnancy occurred before row 3 times 3 times or more
spontaneous abortions, called recurrent spontaneous abortion or
habitual abortion. Strictly speaking recurrent abortion (recurrent
spontaneous abortion, RSA) refers to the identity of the partner and
consecutively 3 or 3 times more spontaneous abortion. Where more than
50% of patients with non-existent chromosomes, Anatomy, endocrine,
immune and reproductive tract infections and other diseases,
clinically known as unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion (URSA).
Shandong provincial hospital reproductive medicine center high celery

Recurrent spontaneous abortion clinic through the same spontaneous
abortion in General, each time you come to the same medical abortion
pregnancy month. At 12 weeks before the occurrence of known as early
recurrent abortion (ERSA), 12 ~ 28 weeks gestation when called with
recurrent spontaneous abortion (LRSA).

Recurrent spontaneous abortion of the recurrence rate is tied to a
number of factors such as age, etiology, reproductive history.
Pregnant women aged 35-year-old won the relapse rate increased
significantly. Stirrat summed up the results of the next pregnancy and
abortion: a prospective study of information: had a spontaneous
abortion women pregnancy risk about 13.5, two abortion patients about
24.4%, ≥ 3 miscarriage at the inoculation site about 33.1%.

Recurrent spontaneous abortion causes include a variety of factors,
its pathogenesis and therapy has been nearly 20 years of research.
Early recurrent spontaneous abortion more as a result of chromosomal
abnormalities, corpus luteum insufficiency and immune factors. But
more due to the late abortion, abnormal cervical and other anatomical
factors of Palace and systemic diseases and other causes. In 1996,
Stephenson on 197 on recurrent abortion study found that endocrine
factors (including the corpus luteum insufficiency and hypothyroidism)
accounted for 20%, auto-immune factors (including the
Antiphospholipid Antibody positive and undifferentiated connective
tissue syndrome) accounted for 20% of factors (the fusion of various
mullerian duct anomalies and intrauterine adhesions) accounted for
16% of the factors leading to abnormal gene structure, 3.5% infection
factors 0.5%, the remaining 40%.

In the past that continuous abortion after 3 times before it is
necessary to examine the patient. Due to fortuitous causes abortion
can also cause recurrent spontaneous abortion, are more in favour of
a proactive approach to 2 times more spontaneous abortion
practitioners should look for causes, especially those aged over 35
years of age, infertility patients or excessive anxiety. Check aims
to find out the cause of the disease.

Recurrent abortion causes are complex, check with a comprehensive and
thorough. Emphasizes the participation of the parties, the common

There is a history of recurrent miscarriage in pregnant women once
should be closely monitored. Including dynamic monitoring of β-HCG,
progesterone, b-observing embryo development and, if necessary, the
line detection in serum AFP, fluff, amniotic fluid puncture biopsy
and blood concentration cell assay with and without fetal
malformations and chromosomal abnormalities. Begins immediately after
the anti-abortion pregnancy. And anti-abortion. In the event of an
abortion, abortion embryo cell genetics, morphology and histological
examination to look for the cause of abortion and predict future
pregnancy outcome.

Recurrent spontaneous abortion patients and their families have more
serious psychological burden, there are approximately 50% of patients
have done a lot of check outs are normal, but still just as abortion,
this group of patients is unknown. Fear, anxiety, frustration,
depression is a common feature of these patients. Strictly speaking,
unexplained and not just the current scientific instruments have not
been able to find the cause. But even without treatment, not
pregnancy success. Once again, for fear of pregnancy after abortion
and contraception in few years, the duration is not advisable. A
spontaneous abortion in the early stage of pregnancy and abortion
rate of 24%, twice after 26%, three times is 32%. Even if the fourth
consecutive spontaneous abortion, pregnancy probability of success is
about 55%. Different causes of recurrent abortion prognosis vary
greatly. General endocrine factors induced abortion as a result of
the treatment can be effective, the best prognosis, pregnancy rate of
90%. Uterine malformations induced abortion need to look at the
severity of the malformation, Mediastinal uterus after surgical
treatment can be a successful pregnancy. Chromosomal abnormalities
induced recurrent abortion there is no effective treatment methods to
prenatal genetics consultation and diagnosis, prognosis worse, once
again the success rate of pregnancy is only 20%. For immune factors
cause abortion and unexplained abortion, as well as the appropriate
treatment. In addition, the age on prognosis, older, poorer prognosis.

Recommends that patients with recurrent spontaneous abortion, should
be actively checking active treatment. Although a variety of
treatment are not 100% success rate. But wait blindly contraception,
anxiety, hope to have a 100 per cent successful treatment is not
possible, a negative.

?Abortion, contraception, pregnancy, examine, advanced

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