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?Prostate cancer--older men occult


Prostate cancer is one of the world's sixth largest malignant
neoplasms. In the United States, prostate cancer incidence in men
malignant cancer mortality in the first place, second only to lung
cancer, the second place, each of the six American elderly in a
person suffering from prostate cancer. With the ageing of our
population, the incidence of prostate cancer has increased each year,
the impact of the aging male health is gradually emerging. The
incidence of prostate cancer in Shanghai in 1985 is 2.6/10 000 in
2000 to 7.7 per 100 000, it is expected that 2005 will reach 10/10,
000. The situation is similar in Beijing, the incidence is 2.36 1985 per
100 000, 1985-1995, the city and the number of prostate cancer has
increased 2.3 times, now expected to have reached a 10/10, 000.
Liaoning University affiliated hospital Urology off good

Current clinical generally accepted and effective early detection of
prostate cancer is rectal zhizhen check plus PSA determination.
Rectal zhizhen finds prostate cancer induration, carefully rectal
zhizhen on prostate cancer early diagnosis and staging has important
significance. If the zhizhen suspicious induration, it needs to be
further line prostate biopsy, approximately 70 per cent of patients can
be confirmed. PSA is a prostate cancer-specific serum markers,
normal General ≤ 4ng/ml. If it is above this target, would result in a
doctor's attention.

Bone metastasis is advanced prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most prone to bone metastasis of cancer,
more than 80 per cent of patients with prostate cancer and bone
metastases will occur. Metastatic bone lesions can be seen in the
ilium, vertebrae, ribs, skull and bone proximal, mostly in the bone
axis blood-rich parts of the body. The most common is the oldest
bone metastases in prostate cancer: a clinical manifestations is
bones pain . Continuous dull pain, often affected patients appetite
and daily life rhythm, so that the patient is thinner. Secondly, because
the bone to be eaten by the tumor cells "," transfer of bones easily
occur pathological fracture . If the tumor cells violated patient spine,
the spinal cord caused by collapsing the oppression of symptoms,
which makes treatment more difficult.

Bone metastases in prostate cancer treatment is a holistic treatment

Prostate cancer early and often on the treatment of androgen
resistance is sensitive. However, with the development of the illness,
the treatment of androgen resistance will gradually lose their role in
the development of prostate cancer are also at the same stage.
Through oral medication (such as gesheruilin) or (castration) surgical
interventions, can reduce the effects of androgen. In order to relieve
bone pain symptoms, you need to use one of the main ingredients for
bisphosphonate special medicines. The treatment of the patient's
symptoms will have varying degrees of improvement.
?Prostate cancer, tumors, cancer, drugs, advanced