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Kawasaki disease diagnosis_ treatment and prognosis _50500


									?Salvia, Radix isatidis, brongn, Adenophora, Eruptive

?Kawasaki disease diagnosis,
treatment and prognosis


The disease also known as acute febrile Mucocutaneous lymph node
syndrome, in 1967 by Japan Kawasaki rich for the first report, the
main clinical manifestation is systemic Vasculitis, acute fever and
rash. 80% occur in children under the age of 4, 1-year-old left-right
up to onset.

??? The etiology of the disease is still unclear, and infection and
immunity factors, recent opinion retrovirus might have something to
do with the disease. Hebei province chest hospital cardiovascular
surgery Meng Zili

Clinical symptoms:

(1) the duration of 5 days or more heating, heated-irregular, up to
39 ° c or more, antibiotic treatment is not valid.

(2) hand-foot swelling, Palm and foot or andropause. Finger and toe-
side during moulting.

(3) multiple-shaped red rashes, herpes banyang and crusted.

(4) double eye conjunctivitis.

(5) red, chapped lips, Strawberry-like tongue, oropharyngeal or

(6) and cervical Lymphadenopathy.

Differential diagnosis:
(1) scarlet fever: it is winter and spring, and many have a history
of exposure to scarlet fever. Fever in a few hours to 1 Sunrise rash,
rash intensive is linear and ring white circle.

(2) Erythema Multiforme: vesicular Erythema, expanded to the
surrounding skin lesions, with more following the episode.


(1) strengthening nursing and prevent secondary infection and

(2) preferred aspirin. Plus, with energy mixture of inosine, 1 ~ 2
courses of treatment.

(3) traditional Chinese medicine: according to the characteristics of
the disease is the traditional "temperature" drug eruption. The
pathological changes has two characteristics: ① condition change
rapidly, the onset of symptoms, the Medical Division, stage a very
short moment that see the two burnt gas; ② wound yin, soon after the
onset of tongue, lips little purple red rupture. This is because the
body of the children's "pure" and pores are not secret, once feel
evil virus is extremely easy to dryness of the fire quickly spread
their poison is coupled to the evil, the consumption of gas battalion
cathode-chun, injuries and dangerous situation. Clear soup with white
tiger therefore gas cooler, detoxification treatment the disease yin
is saved. In addition, the onset of the disease in 2-3 weeks there is
often an increase in platelets and cohesion, thrombosis infarction,
sudden death in children is one of the reasons. Thus in the treatment
of early coordinated application of control blood stasis is increased
platelet abnormalities and to prevent platelet aggregation thrombosis

1) 4ml Salvia (Salvia 6g) plus 10% of the grape-lined 100ml
intravenous infusion, daily, 10 days for a course of treatment for 2

2) with white soup with card addition and subtraction: gypsum 50g,
30-6-10g anemarrhena asphodeloides, Radix isatidis 30g, 15-,
Adenophora 20g 10g, gegen 20g Ophiopogon japonicus, brongn 10g 6g,
acts. Daily dose with water, and even take 10-15 agents for a course,
a course of treatment.

3) local medication: oral rub watermelon frost.
(3) the prevention of secondary infection antibiotics available.


Kawasaki disease prognosis is good, most of the problem lies in its
extensive involvement in the cardiovascular system and its serious
consequences. A small number of cases of sudden death can occur in
the acute phase, or the left coronary artery disease until adulthood.

?Salvia, Radix isatidis, brongn, Adenophora, Eruptive

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