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									?Cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, radiotherapy, epilepsy

?Gamma Knife introduction


Gamma Knife is the "tool", but not really a scalpel. Accurately,
gamma, gamma of science called Stereotactic radiotherapy systems
belong to the exact scope of radiotherapy. It uses gamma radiation
effect of killing tumor cells to achieve the aim of the treatment of
cancer. The reason is because it has the effect of the treatment of
tumors, and the effect of a scalpel, thoroughly clean the local tumor

In cross and rotating Gamma Knife kills tumors in accurate PLA 113
Hospital Oncology Wen-ping Foundation

Gamma compared with conventional radiotherapy, has incomparable
advantages. Traditional radiotherapy is like an ordinary light, the
illumination range, treatment of normal and tumor tissues are exposed.
If the tumor location relatively deep, radiation reaching tumor
location already fading to a negligible extent, the nature of the
treatment effect, instead of the normal tissue is affected by damage.
For this problem, the medical expert has done a great deal of study,
finally came up with a method that the ray crosses over a different
direction to a point, the point is the location of the tumor. For
example, through the head tumor on the forehead, hits a dose, dose
units of 2 Gault (radiation dose units) when you arrive in tumor,
radiation because this dose of attenuation, the dose is up to the
effective therapeutic dose. If the above through the forehead and
ears cross two channels for radiotherapy, the intersection of the
radiation dose is doubled, and normal tissues are not affected, the
choice of several channels, the tumor is more to the dose.

In addition to crossover function, gamma-second advantage is rotated,
the Gamma Knife rotation, the focus is always on the tumor and normal
tissue only subject to Instant exposure, damage to smaller.
Gamma Knife head, tumor can do

Broad range of head treatment, such as benign tumors, including
meningiomas, pituitary tumor, malignant neoplasm of acoustic neuroma,
etc.; mainly glioma, brain metastasis, etc.; part of vascular
malformations, and trigeminal neuralgia and partial epilepsy patients
can be treated.

Body treatment with broader, more is lung cancer; Secondly, the
digestive system, such as common tumors in the liver; urinary system
is also relatively good at Gamma Knife treatment, such as kidney
tumors, adrenal tumor; retroperitoneal, Mediastinal lymph node
metastasis of cancer, spinal bone metastases, etc are also available
through Gamma Knife treatment.

?Cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, radiotherapy, epilepsy

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