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?Carotid artery dissection


Dissecting aneurysm formation
       Natural factors: Congenital cystic medial necrosis of
        the femoral artery, when endometrial rupture, arterial
        blood pressure of blood in the middle of hematoma
        formation and to extend the formation of the distal
        aortic dissection.
       Carotid arteries nourish blood pressure rise, causing
        the rupture of the inner part.
       Intimal damage caused by infection
       Intimal damage the neck trauma.
       Iatrogenic of dissection: Angiography procedure and
        carotid artery biopsy

Dissection of        Xi'an Central Hospital neurosurgery
Emboli shedding resulting in cerebral infarction

Secondary to carotid artery occlusion caused Heavy cerebral

Dissecting aneurysm rupture, lethal damage.
Common treatment methods
Drug treatment: reduce thrombosis drugs (aspirin or waves
lap-d), reduce the incidence of cerebral infarction.
Carotid artery stent implantation, so that the vascular
intimal and middle-level close to that of eradication.
Artery occlusion or ligation: BOT test and enhance test (--).
Artificial artery lesions, vascular replacement. Patients
aged 45 to cerebral infarction limb dysfunction January
admission. Angiography revealed internal carotid artery
dissection. Carotid Stenting after cure.
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?Drugs, aneurysm, mezzanine, vascular, endometrial

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