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					   TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking
Track Tools and Equipment that are assigned to Employees.

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Table of Contents

Purpose of the program                     3
Installing the program                     3
Keyboard commands                          3

Using the Program                          4
Change Printers                            4
Data Entry Menu                            4
Set Up                                     4
Reports Menu                               5
Browse Screens Operation                   5
Lookup Buttons                             6
Calendar Lookup                            6

Tools Data Entry                           7
Vendor Data Entry                          7
Employee Data Entry                        8
Manufacturer Data Entry                    8

Company Entry                              9
Register Info                              9
User Field Names                           9

Check Tools Out                            10
Check Tools In                             10

Maintain Repairs                           11
Maintain History                           11

Reports                                    12

About Taylor Business Software             13

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual   Page:    2
Purpose of the program

The purpose of the TBS Tool and Equipment Tracking program is to provide a
means of tracking tools or equipment that are owned by a company or organization
and assigned to employees for various lengths of time.

Installing the program

The program can be downloaded from our web site (www.Taylor-Business.com).
Save it to your hard disk, then when the download is complete, click on the “Run”
command. There will be some standard questions, and the program will be

Note about networks: The program will work on a network and allow multiple users
to access the program at the same time. If there will only be one person using this
program, the easiest thing to do will be to install it on that person’s computer. If
you want multiple people to have access to the program, you can install it on a
network server (change the location you want the program installed from the
default (c:\Program Files\TBSTools) to a network drive during the install process,
(For example: G:\TBSTools), then put shortcuts on the desktops of each person
that will be using the program.

Backups – You should backup your data files on a routine basis. The program will
always be available for download from our web site, so you do not have to backup
the program if you have internet access. The data files are created in the folder the
program was installed in, and end with a .TPS extension.

Keyboard commands

The program is designed to handle large amounts of data. Under Data Entry, most
of the menu options present you with a screen listing the existing records in the
database, allowing you to search, or “browse”, for an existing record, or to Insert a
new record. From any of the “Browse” screens, you can use the following keyboard

CTRL + PageUp           Goes to the first record
CTRL + PageDown         Goes to the last Record
PageUp                  Scrolls up one screen
PageDown                Scrolls down one screen
Type a letter           Will jump to the first record that starts with that letter

To insert a record – click on the insert button in the bottom right
To change a record – highlight the record you want, the click on the Change
button, or right click on the record you want to change, and select Change from the
pop up menu.
To delete a record – highlight the record you want to delete, then click on Delete,
or right click on the record you want to delete and select Delete from the pop up

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                                Page:            3
Using the Program

When you start the program, the following menu is displayed:

                                                     Help is available by pressing F1

Change Printers – the program will use the default printer defined for your system.
If you should wish to have a report printed to a different printer, click on File, Print
Setup, and select the printer you would like to print to. This change will stay in
effect until you exit the program.

The Data Entry menu – this is where you will enter all information into the

Set Up

When you first start the program, the data files will be empty. You can start with
“Maintain Tools”, and when the program asks for a employee or vendor, add them
at that point in time, or you can set up all your Employees first, then the Vendors
you purchase items from and those you use for repairs, then set up the tools.

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                                 Page:                 4
The Report Menu

From the Data Entry menu, most menu options will take you to a “Browse” screen.
Below is the Browse Manufacturers screen.

There may be more than 1 tab across the top of the display area. Each tab will
display the contents in a different sort order.

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                            Page:            5
In the bottom right are                                 (Insert, Change, and Delete)
In the bottom left is the select button. You will use the select button when looking
up records on this screen from another menu option. For example, you will be
requested to enter the employee id at various places throughout the program.
                             The button to the right of the field     is a lookup
button. Click on that, and the “Browse” screen for the file will be displayed. Once
you find the record you want to use, highlight it, then click on the select button. (If
you need to add a new record at this time, you can click on the Insert button to add
a new record, or Change to change an existing record.

You will also see the    lookup button to the right of a date field. Click on it and a
                          calendar will be displayed.

                          The buttons to the left and right of the month and year
                          will (single arrow, double arrows, and arrow with line)

                          Single arrow – go one week back or forward
                          Double arrows – go one month back or forward
                          Arrow with vertical line – go one year back or forward

                          Click on the date you want to use to select it and return to
                          the prior screen.

To close this screen, click on the Close button at the bottom, or the white X in the
upper right corner.

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                               Page:                 6
Tools Data Entry
The main tools entry screen:

There are 4 tabs across the top of the screen – General, Costs, User Fields, and
Notes. When you are setting up a new item, you can leave the following fields
blank as the Check Tools Out and Check Tools In will maintain them:
Employee Id
Date Out
Date Back
Out For Repair

                                       The Vendor Entry Screen

                                       Use this to maintain the vendors that you
                                       purchase tools or equipment from, or the
                                       vendors that you use to repair the items you

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                             Page:             7
                                       The Employee Entry screen.

                                       Use it to enter information about the
                                       employees who will be receiving the tools
                                       and equipment that you will issue.

                                               The Manufacturer Entry screen.

                                               Use it to keep track of the
                                               companies who manufacturer the
                                               tools and equipment you have.

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                            Page:              8
The Company entry screen:

                                       Use this screen to enter information about
                                       your company. If you purchase the
                                       program, you will be issued a serial number
                                       and activation key that you will enter on
                                       the Register tab.

                                       The titles for User Defined fields in the
                                       Tools file are maintained on the UserFields
                                       tab on this screen.

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                            Page:                9
Check Tools Out and Check Tools In

These 2 menu options allow you to issue an item to a employee, and to record the
return of the item.

Check Tools Out

Check Tools In
Find the Tool/Employee combination, then click on Change. The following screen
will be displayed – (the first 4 fields should be filled out by the system) fill in the
Date Back, and if the item needs to be sent out for repair, the Out for Repair date.

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                                 Page:            10
Maintain Repairs

This allows you to keep track of repair work done on this item. The report “Repairs
by Employee” will help to identify employees who may need additional training if
they turn in items needing repairs more than normal.

Maintain History

This menu option will allow you to review a history of the activity of an item.

(Action: C = Check Out, R = Repair)

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                               Page:          11

Reports are previewed on the screen first. You can scroll thru the report, and print
the report only if you need to.

The reports menu:

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                              Page:           12
About Taylor Business Software

Taylor Business Software develops business software applications. Our goal is to develop
applications that are functional and easy to use. For those applications that we consider there
to be a market for, we distribute them via shareware, so that you can try them to evaluate their
usefulness. You can check out our web site to see what other applications that we have
available at www.taylor-business.com.

You can also report problems on our website. Please go to the support section and fill out the
problem submittal form. As soon as the problem is resolved, you will be emailed a notice as to
the solution.

We are always looking for ways to improve this application, and if you would like to see
additional features added to it, let us know, and we will consider them for a future release.
Additionally, if you have been looking for a application to meet a specific need but have not
found anything that meets your needs, let us know.

Taylor Business Software has extensive experience in accounting software, database
development, file conversions, crystal reports, and programming in Business Basic and Clarion
for Windows.

To contact us:

Taylor Business Software
1018 S. 7th Avenue
Avondale, AZ 85323
Phone 623-882-1321
Email Sales@Taylor-Business.com
Web Site www.Taylor-Business.com

TBS Tool & Equipment Tracking Manual                                      Page:              13

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