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Anne Frank


									Life During the Holocaust
Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl By: Sally Piddles Mrs. King’s 5th Per. Language Arts Class

Anne, Mom, and Margot
 


Happiness at Home Gestapo Forces Jews to Flee The Frank family moves into hiding

Living Conditions

  

Secret Annex Close Quarters No Privacy

Family Relationships




Jewish families in hiding must live a life of silence. Tempers run short. Relationships are torn.

Noises In the Night
Nazi Soldiers patrol the streets Jews on the streets were killed Shooting and screaming were heard throughout the night




Concentration Camps

Camp Maps

Camp Conditions

Jews sent to camps on the DEATH TRAIN.

Many died on the way.

Camp Liberation

 

Allies move in and free Prisoners. End of Holocaust 1945 Anne Frank’s Diary found and published

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