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									?Congenital deformity of spine,, wedge-shaped, thoracic,

?【 Scoliosis: congenital


There are many reasons can cause scoliosis, spine deformity of the
process, for example, neuromuscular disorders, neurofibroma,
neurofibromatosis, spinal tuberculosis, cerebral palsy, Marfan
syndrome, etc., as a result of congenital spinal malformations caused
by congenital scoliosis is one of the largest type, and a significant

Congenital scoliosis is divided into three types: the children's
Hospital orthopedic Fung chapter

1. vertebral forming bad, hemivertebra deformities.
A complete hemivertebrae apart from half a vertebral epiphysis, up
and down there, and a separate lamina and pedicle, hemivertebra of
above or below the lack and the adjacent vertebral epiphysis.
The presence of epiphyseal plate and epiphyseal or not and the level
of development leading to a great relationship, epiphyseal better,
more serious development.
Development of asymmetric on both sides of the vertebrae, one side of
one side of the big and small, wedge-shaped wedge called spinal,
there is a butterfly hemivertebrae, called spinal vertebral, wedge-
shaped or side hemivertebrae, can cause scoliosis.
Although some hemivertebrae is small, or even only a quarter of the
normal vertebral body size, but can cause severe scoliosis and
process, you must pay attention to the operative treatment as soon as
The different parts of hemivertebra, often deformities caused by, for
example, upper thoracic hemivertebrae often cause children's
shoulders tilt unequal height, thoracic and lumbar spinal
hemivertebrae often causes severe scoliosis, apart from the
lumbosacral spine of hemivertebra correct scoliosis malformation, you
may cause serious trunks
Thoracic hemivertebrae, in paragraphs often together below a
compensatory arc around, above and below each one symmetry
hemivertebrae, causing each one about scoliosis. Both of these
abnormalities, although the two can be caused by bending the spine,
but the overall balance of the body, and therefore sometimes do not
necessarily require surgery.

2. vertebral body section incomplete.
Vertebral body section is two or more interbody fusion with the near
side of the fusion of vertebrae (called bone bridge) obstacles to the
growth and development, and the other side to continue development
and therefore cause scoliosis.
Bone bridge is located at the rear or side of the vertebrae can cause
of spinal deformity of lordosis.

3. mixed.
In the same scoliosis patients, can exist simultaneously formed
convex side of the spine, such as poor, hemivertebra subparagraph not
exist such as the AU side of osteopontin, even exist, such as rib
fusion multiple malformations, such as mixed.
This kind of spinal deformities in children, often deformity,
development, and because of the thorax deformities, heart and lung
disorders, physical fitness, and therefore to the surgical treatment
of difficult, difficult and risk.

?Congenital deformity of spine,, wedge-shaped, thoracic,

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