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?【 Oily skin care: you are an
oily, acne prone skin out?


【 Oily skin care: you are an oily, acne prone skin out? saying
"oily skin is heaven-sent camouflage". Interestingly, most of the
oily skin do not agree with this statement. I rarely see other
patients like oily skin people eager to accept treatment. Really oily
skin wrinkles in the elderly is much less, but that their way is a
long and bumpy. Shaanxi Provincial people's Hospital Dermatology
Zhang Mei Fong when you are oily skin, your primary goal has 3 layer:
1, promptly dissolved oil products of sebaceous, preventing them from
clogging the pores, the hair follicles resulting in black, white,
acne or skin pores and thick; or cause redness, inflammation, skin
problems. 2, scrub – removal of dead skin cells will not speed up
the pores. 3, use anti-aging products. Use of glycol acid or other
citrus scrub cleansing cotton class is an important first step. Oily
skin can also be used with some advanced thin acidic cream, rich in
collagen skin irritation and antioxidants, such as bioactive peptides,
vitamin C, carnosine , Q10, α-lipoic acid, etc. These active
ingredients in acidic media release will be very good, because the
acid matrix helps skin permeability. Oily or combination skin makes
it easy to withstand them. Prescription dose-adjusted has A acid
sebaceous glands and powerful anti-aging dual role. Prescription dose
of a product will enable significant dry skin, especially around the
eyes and mouth. Even if you were really oily skin, but also to the
eye area should treat dry skin that care. Need to complement the skin
redness of the skin's lipid. I don't advocate oily skin face with
cream, especially the most oil-nose, Chin and forehead, with the thin
emulsion. Cream is easy to block the pores, but these sites don't
need their barrier effect. Superficial chemical peeling and grinding
of micro-oily skin effect is very good, traditional cleansing.
Traditional one skin pores and extrusion will only lead to more
Erythema, and stimulating, because it is dry, mature skin, all the
traditional beauty of face cleanser, lotion and cream for oily skin.
On the other hand, chemical peeling and grinding of ceramic can "turn
on" all the pores . This type of therapy to be repeated several times
in order to achieve the best results. 【 Recommend brand】 NI proud
wire Turquoise (Neostrata) series of oleanolic acid peeling, skin
care products cents Li Shi (Cellex C) efficient emulsion Duke (Skin
Ceutical) compound ?oligopeptide liquid Skin Ceutical C&E
Elizabeth · elegance Arden (Elizabeth Arden) and ceramide perfect
moisturizing cream APF30 (Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisture Cream SPF30)
anti-aging and anti-wrinkle emulsion (Bye-Anti-Aging Serum Lines) Roc
pure dimension A moisturizing active anti-wrinkle cream (day/night)
(Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Actif Pur Moisturizing Day/Night)
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?Skin, oily skin, oily skin, facial cream,

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