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									?Drugs, cough, cold medicine, abdominal pain,

?What is a traditional children's


1. Pediatric tuina history Xinwen mining group laiwu Central Hospital
waist pain section winner
Massage is an ancient healing disease, far more than two thousand years ago in
the warring States period, massage therapy is widely used in medical practice.
Because massage with painless, non-toxic side effects, in pediatric diseases
and pediatric health care also has advantages. The dynasty of the 52 disease
party "for the first time, referred to the infantile massage; the daughter of
the Fang documented the use of ointment of Pediatric health care in a typhoon
nursing method. To the 16th century, siming Chen predecessors on the basis of
the theory and practice of Pediatric tuina was written as the first monograph
on the Department of Pediatric tuina Bao ying of God ", also known as the"
children's massage, acupuncture is included in the large, widespread. Since
then, children's massage as a separate subject, for the prevention and
treatment of Pediatric diseases they made an indelible contribution.

2. children's massage
Infantile massage therapy, is guided by the basic theory of traditional Chinese
medicine, according to the physiological pathology in children, in particular
its body parts subjected to manipulation by point or that is used to prevent
and cure diseases or contribute to a healthy treatment, is a painless, reducing
drug use, shorten the course of treatment and care of the Green, in advocating
use of natural therapy and physical therapy for the prevention of health care
and treatment of diseases in the Western developed countries is becoming more
and more attention and favor. Pediatric tuina generally applies to children
aged 0-6, 6-year-old above can apply this method, but because as the perception
of the body on massage, so relatively long course, you can meet some of the
techniques of massage with adults.

Physiological characteristics of children: the skin soft, delicate, bones and
intestines, blood is not filled, low immunity, growth, metabolism and excretion
of absorption is fast, fast, easily subject to external factors. These
physiological characteristics determine the incidence of easy, spread rapidly.
In addition, vulnerable to wind-damp, evil, catch, and susceptible to milk food
festival, which is easy to cause the common cold, cough, asthma and other lung
diseases and loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and
stomach of disease.

Infant massage it is through point reinforcing and epigastrium of direct
manipulation, regulating gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve gastrointestinal
blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, accelerated digestion fluid
secretion, promote inflammation dissipated to organize recovery with drugs,
irreplaceable advantage. Because infantile massage from enhances the body's
resistance to, i.e. traditional Chinese medicine theory "healthy foot then not
stem" started to treat disease, drug therapy is more or less to interfere with
the body's immune system, resulting in a long look, selection of massage
treatment or massage, than substance abuse treatment (e.g. antibiotics) are
more conducive to the healthy development of children, children are more
likely to accept it.

Children with a wide range of massage therapy can be cured by night crying,
convulsion, dyspepsia, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, abdominal pain,
constipation, Glossitis, stomatitis, tongue, tongue, rickets, neonatal
jaundice, newborn does not milk, newborns spit milk, cold, fever, bed-wetting,
child anxious rash, cough, phlegm, cerebral palsy, the effect is not strange,
use of drugs, medication can play a role, sometimes even faster than the onset
of medication, fortunately, no side effects, and to dispense medication pain
in children.

Infant massage not only cure, prevention and health care. Clinical practice has
shown, children's massage can prevent disease, but also can promote the growth
and development in children, jiannaoyizhi. Particular health practices
"abdomen" and "chiropractic" applications in everyday life. The gold to party
in the "child is free from disease, early and often with ointment from the
heart, and on the very provision of wind".

?Drugs, cough, cold medicine, abdominal pain,

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