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?There is no side-effect of
Chinese herbal medicine? ","
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The author in the treatment of Lupus patients have many years of
experience in Taichung, Taipei Veterans General Hospital and the
Veterans of Lupus patients have been treated for more than 2 000.

Early lupus nephritis, illnesses are died of lupus nephritis kidney
failure in itself, but with the advances in the diagnosis and medical,
as long as early as sufficient and proper treatment, the author of
the vast majority of patients with lupus nephritis mitigation or
"root". But over the past five years, the author of the end of the
diagnosis and treatment of lupus nephritis or renal failure patients,
mainly caused by Chinese herbal medicine, these patients can be
exempted from this sad fate. Therefore it must be said, in the
academic sector has not been proven that lupus nephritis mitigation
and "root" of the drug abuse of the former, Chinese herbal medicine
herbs result in a "change" is the kidney disease SLE patients, most
enemies that need attention. Luoyang City Hospital nephropathy less
respect for rheumatology Feng

Emotionally, the Chinese people are the most reluctant to hear "the
Chinese herbs nephropathy" facts, but here the so-called Chinese
herbs also includes a variety of herbal medicine and healthy food, or
the so-called change Constitution, increase immunity of herbs. To
Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of diseases in China
thousands of years of history. But the history of medicine in ancient
books, mostly just recorded materials efficiency, but few of its side
effects. That civil generally have no side effects, "" Chinese herbal
medicine. But there is no record of herbal medicine side effects, is
purely on the basis herbal pharmacology research and evaluation of
the side effects are still inadequate, while non-Chinese herbal
medicine has no side effects. Even more unfortunate is Lupus patients
allergic to less ordinary high on drugs and herbs of allergy degree
is much higher than that of the person, the more likely to cause

Chinese herbal medicines can cause violent explosions hepatitis,
chronic hepatitis, acute renal failure, even fatal, have been trouvés
domestic Medical Center's medical reports and magazines. Recent
overseas famous medical journals, some scholars have reported having
Chinese herbal medicine and cause kidney disease, or even a case of
acute renal failure, more international attention on.

Belgian doctors Vanherweghem Professor in 1993 in the authority of
the Lancet medical journal report pointed out that, in the Brussels
region, nine women who take hexene combined heating and Magnolia
herbs, resulting in uremia. While the other 25 women wearing the same
prescription, there are three significant renal anomalies. These
patients have eight persons receiving kidney slice biopsies are found
to have severe renal interstitial fibrosis. 1994 Journal of the
American Journal of kidney diseases, Professor Dr. Depierreux Belgium
reported 33 cases caused by taking Chinese herbal case nephropathy.
These patients received a kidney biopsy, are found to have seriously
renal fibrosis, abalone, Bursa and renal tubular wall hardening. He
put this particular nephropathy "Chinese herbal medicine
nephropathy." In the same year Dr. Cosyn KidneyInternational journals
published a similar report.

The article "Chinese herbal medicine nephropathy" (Chineseherb
nephropathy) published a report immediately to the international
community's attention. In the domestic doctors have given rise to
widely discussed, but not for other people's attention.

Our immunity rheumatology and renal Division has also been found in
the so-called "due to overdose of Ganoderma lucidum" and "Golden
Clematis," but unfortunately causing acute tubular necrosis and
required dialysis. Has its own feed intake in patients with reducing
gas side of the "unknown", resulting in a violent explosion of herbs-
induced hepatitis, tragic death cases. As for superstition "wind
grass" or take some claimed that enhances the immune function of
herbs or health food and delayed, but the deterioration caused
hongbanxinglangchuang examples are not uncommon.

More popular lately to the so-called medicinal herbs to change
Constitution or enhance immunity, some formal medical staff actually
echoed many clinical studies have not been really proved to be
effective in human patients of lupus, but delays or enhance the
condition, or even Chinese herbs nephropathy. The author of the
patients, many have believed them, and cause kidney failure, it is a
big regret.

The author in Taichung Veterans special clinic with lupus, currently
the most headache problem for traditional Chinese medicine and herbal
or health caused by kidney disease, and for the moment we entered the
Lupus patients with renal failure, renal dialysis of Max. The effect
of Chinese herbal medicine on lupus and so far has not been proven
scientifically. In particular, to remind everyone that "drug that is
virus", even natural flora and fauna, over a safe dose will certainly
have its toxicity.

If patients are medicines, it is best to be aware of the prescription,
in order to provide a specialist to determine changes in kidney
function reference, do not hide. As for herbs and other folk recipe,
it's best not to any attempt to, don't think that "Chinese herbal
medicine has no side effects," and when to eat, what little money,
lose their health but which unfortunately. "Chinese herbal medicine"
is not a harmless; on the serious illness of the unconfirmed Lupus
does have a therapeutic effect on light with lupus, also failed to
confirm that indeed than the current treatment of Western medicine.

Now I have one-sixth of patients into remission, are no longer taking
any medicines. The so-called change of physical fitness, enhance
immunity, and not really Chinese herbal medicine, and a healthy diet,
proper rest, good mood, it is to change the Constitution, the best
antidote to enhance immunity

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