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									?Pregnant women, electromagnetic waves, adjustable, protection, cell

?Pregnant radiation protection


Nowadays, pregnant women wear adjustable has become something of a

According to the relevant personnel, many manufacturers of pregnant
women with adjustable inside wire, mainly for the protective effect
of electromagnetic waves. But because of the absence of clear
criteria, whether these adjustable achieves what kind of protection,
it is difficult to detect.

So, what should I wear in pregnant women with adjustable? children's
Hospital of Shanxi province Otorhinolaryngology King studied

Currently, the medical studies show that pregnant women during
pregnancy and exposure to gamma rays, x-rays and ionizing radiation
is harmful. But isolation ionizing radiation protective clothing must
contain a certain amount of lead, so this kind of clothing can be
very cumbersome, and now on the market of pregnant women are
generally lighter adjustable, it does not contain lead, so for
ionizing radiation cannot play a protective role.

As regards people frequently used items such as cell phones,
computers, cell phones are electromagnetic waves generated by, the
damage to the human body is not currently in dispute. Although the
computer will produce micro x-ray computer every day, as long as no
more than two hours, it will not cause injury to the body. Pregnant
women need to be aware of is the microwave oven. Microwave
electromagnetic wavelength shorter than mobile phones, so the damage
to human health than mobile phone. But as long as proper protection,
radiation protection equipment and not every pregnant woman should
wear, no more wearing that good ".

?Pregnant women, electromagnetic waves, adjustable, protection, cell

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