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					?Teeth, cold light, pigment, technology, ion

?New tooth whitening whitening--


Whitening technology is currently the latest dental whitening the fastest and the safest
technologies. It to light irradiation in teeth whitening agents on special, can quickly clear the
tooth surface: dyeing ( like smoke stains and tea stains, coffee stains, ) and quickly through
the teeth tooth tubules arrives, and deposition of coatings here pigment ( such as tetracycline,
too much fluoride, iron etc. ) generation redox, yellow teeth lighter white. Huizhou city
hospital was right to orthodontic office Wei Yu

Institute is carrying out a wide range of orthodontic office has the technology, its advantages
are one-time, 30—40 Minutes to safely whiten your teeth, and immediate manner, giving
you more confidence, smilingly.

?Teeth, cold light, pigment, technology, ion