ABC           Atomic, Biological, and Chemical

ACADA         Automatic Chemical Agent Detector/Alarm

ACTD          Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration

AFRRI         Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

AMC           Army Materiel Command

AMEDD         Army Medical Department Center and School

ASA(RDA)      Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and


ASBREM        Armed Services Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management

ASD(HA)       Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

ASD(ISP)      Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy

ASD(NS&CP)    Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Security and


ASD(S&TR)     Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Threat Reduction

ASD(SO/LIC)   Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity


AT            Antiterrorism

ATSD(AE)      Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Atomic Energy

ATSD(NCB)     Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and

              Biological Defense

AVIP          Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

BCJOC         Biological-Chemical Joint Operations Cell
BDO         Battle Dress Overgarment

BIDS        Biological Integrated Detection System

BMDO        Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

BW          Biological Warfare

CANA        Convulsant Antidote Nerve Agent

CBDCOM      Chemical and Biological Defense Command

CBIRF       Chemical and Biological Incident Response Force

CBIST       CB Intelligence Support Teams

CBR         Chemical, Biological, and Radiological

CBRN        Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear

CBRNE       Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives

CB-RRT      Chemical and Biological Rapid Response Team

CBW         Chemical and Biological Warfare

CDC         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CENTCOM     Central Command

CFACC       Coalition Forces Air Component Command

CFLCC       Coalition Forces Land Component Command

CIA         Central Intelligence Agency

CINC        Commander-in-Chief (referring to the combatant commands)

CJCS        Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

COMPIO      Consequence Management Program Integration Office

CONPLAN     Concept Plan

CP MS SOG   Counterproliferation Mission Support Senior Oversight Group
CPRC            Counterproliferation Program Review Committee

CRDEC           Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center

CT              Counterterrorism

CW              Chemical Warfare

DARPA           Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DATSD(CBM)      Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological


DATSD(CBD)      Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological


DATSD(CP/CBD)   Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Counterproliferation and

                Chemical and Biological Defense

DDR&E           Director, Defense Research and Engineering

DDS&P           Deputy Director for Strategy and Policy

DFU             Dry Filter Unit

DHHS            Department of Health and Human Services

DIA             Defense Intelligence Agency

DLA             Defense Logistics Agency

DOD             Department of Defense

DoE             Department of Energy

DOJ             Department of Justice

DOMS            Director of Military Support

DOT&E           Director for Operational Test and Evaluation

DPG             Defense Planning Guidance
DRI      Defense Reform Initiative

DSWA     Defense Special Weapons Agency

DTRA     Defense Threat and Reduction Agency

EOD      Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EUCOM    European Command

FBI      Federal Bureau of Investigation

FDA      Food and Drug Administration

FEMA     Federal Emergency Management Agency

FRP      Federal Response Plan

GAO      General Accounting Office (before 2004)

         Government Accountability Office (2004)

GWOT     Global War On Terrorism

HAZMAT   Hazardous Materials

HMMWV    High Mobility, Multi-Wheeled Vehicle

IAB      Interagency Board for Equipment Standardization and Interoperability

IAEA     International Atomic Energy Agency

IBAD     Interim Biological Agent Detector

IDA      Institute for Defense Analyses

INC      Iraqi National Congress

IND      Investigational New Drug

ISG      Iraq Survey Group

ITF      International Task Force

JBPDS    Joint Biological Point Detection System
JBREWS     Joint Biological Remote Early Warning System

JCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFCOM      Joint Forces Command

JMPAB      Joint Material Prioritization and Allocation Board

JNBCDB     Joint NBC Defense Board

JP-CBD     Joint Panel for Chemical and Biological Defense

JPEO       Joint Program Executive Office

JPO-BD     Joint Program Office for Biological Defense

JRO        Joint Requirements Office

JROC       Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JSCC-CDE   Joint Service Coordinating Committee for Chemical Defense Equipment

JSIG       Joint Service Integration Group

JSIVA      Joint Service Integrated Vulnerability Assessment

JSLIST     Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Technology

JSOTF      Joint Special Operations Task Force

JSMG       Joint Service Materiel Group

JSRG       Joint Service Review Group

JSTPCBD    Joint Science and Technology Panel for Chemical and Biological Defense

JTAMDO     Joint Theater and Air Missile Defense Office

JTF-CM     Joint Task Force for Consequence Management

JTF-CS     Joint Task Force for Civil Support

JWCA       Joint Warfighting Capability Assessment

LR-BSDS    Long Range Biological Stand-Off Detection System
MBPI       Michigan Biologics Product Institute

MEF        Marine Expeditionary Force

MET        Mobile Exploitation Team

MRICD      Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense

MRIID      Research Institute for Infectious Diseases

NBC        Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical

NDA        New Drug Application

NDI        Non-Developmental Item

NDPO       National Domestic Preparedness Office

NEST       Nuclear Emergency Support Team

NIE        National Intelligence Estimate

NORTHCOM   U.S. Northern Command

NPR        Nuclear Posture Review

NSPD       National Security Presidential Directive

NSC        National Security Council

NSSE       National Special Security Event

O&M        Operations and Maintenance

ODCSLOG    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

ODCSOPS    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans

OEF        Operation Enduring Freedom

OIF        Operation Iraqi Freedom

ONE        Operation Noble Eagle

ONS        Operational Needs Statement
OSD        Office of the Secretary of Defense

PA&E       Program Analysis and Evaluation

PACOM      Pacific Command

PAIO       Program Analysis and Integration Office

PDD        Presidential Decision Directive

PEO        Program Executive Office

POM        Program Objective Memorandum

R&D        Research and Development

RAID       Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection

RDA        Research, Development and Acquisition

RDT&E      Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

SBCCOM     Soldier and Biological Chemical Command

SOCOM      Special Operations Command

SROC       Senior Readiness Oversight Council

SSE        Sensitive Site Exploitation

STRATCOM   Strategic Command

TEU        Technical Escort Unit

TP/CBD     Technical Panel on Chemical and Biological Defense

TRAC       Threat Reduction Advisory Committee

TRADOC     Training and Doctrine Command

TRANSCOM   Transportation Command

TSWG       Technical Support Working Group

UAV        Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UN          United Nations

UNMOVIC     United Nations Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission

UNSCOM      United Nations Special Commission

USACMLS     U.S. Army Chemical School and Center

USANCA      U.S. Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency

USAREUR     U.S. Army, Europe

USD(A&T)    Under Secretary for Acquisition and Technology

USD(AT&L)   Under Secretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

USD(P)      Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

USD(P&R)    Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness

WMD         Weapons of Mass Destruction

XTF         Exploitation Task Force