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Laparoscopic treatment of liver Hemangioma _44961


									?Cancer, surgery, surgical patients, liver,

?Laparoscopic treatment of liver


Laparoscopic liver Hemangioma of minimally invasive surgery a

28 October, with a diameter of hepatic Hemangioma 5cm from patients
with smooth is removed in the body, the first laparoscopic liver
Hemangioma excision under by our hospital transplant centre
Hepatobiliary surgery was successfully completed. The successful
implementation of the operation, fill out our laparoscopic treatment
of hepatic Hemangioma, marked our Institute of minimally invasive
surgical techniques for a new level. PLA 309 Li city hospital
Hepatobiliary surgery

Hepatic Hemangioma is intrahepatic vascular structure dysplasia due
to benign tumors, like giant Hemangioma in human body placed a time
bomb, once the external shocks caused by the rupture, easily lead to
bleeding and even life threatening. Traditional methods are abdominal
surgical removal of part or the Hemangioma even half of the liver,
stomach leaves nearly 20 ~ 25cm scars, surgical trauma and recovery
slow. The liver is the largest human abdominal cavity organs of
substantive, blood supply is abundant, organizations shortness,
operation once the injury of the liver Hemangioma or major blood
vessels, it may appear difficult to control bleeding, endangering the
lives of patients, for patients and doctors are a huge challenge.
Laparoscopic excision of hepatic Hemangioma due to limitations of
vision, difficulty with exposure to apply proven effective abdominal
cut liver technique, and not the surgeon sensitive touch, so
operation is more difficult, more demanding, only a small number of
three hospitals with this technology. The patient is a middle-aged
female and half years ago the upper abdominal swelling and pain does
not apply, to the local hospital to check liver lesions discovered,
two weeks before the review found that tumor growth is rapid,
industrious POH Hepatobiliary surgery clinic. Our hospital transplant
centre of Hepatobiliary surgery, Dr. Huang Hui Li city and attending
physician, HKSAR Government working group, composed of doctors in the
Zou a flat with the support of the Director's past history and
current condition, consult a large number of domestic and foreign
information seriously talk and careful before deployment, and is a
laparoscopic resection of liver Hemangioma of treatment options. Only
in incising both in patients with abdominal 0.5cm, cut two 1.0cm,
apply the recently introduced energy platform Ligasure, along the
normal liver tissue hemangiomas and demarcation, precisely on the
lesions, complete separation of cutting off located on the left,
Hemangioma, blood loss during surgery clear about 100 ml, the surgery
lasted 50min, no damage to normal liver tissue. Smooth postoperative
recovery, after 6 hours, under 12 hours, three days after the flow of
food into the pull-out hoses, 5 days of recovered and been discharged.
Pathology report: the right cavernous Hemangioma.

According to Li city, use of minimally invasive surgery liver surgery
is a recent trend, laparoscopic resection of liver Hemangioma in
spite of the difficult surgery, but has a small light-weight, scars
of trauma, bleeding, recover faster, stay short, laparotomy are
incomparable advantages, generally 5 to 6 days after discharge.
Transplant Center Hepatobiliary surgery was successfully implemented
by laparoscopic Splenectomy, biliary, partial resection of liver and
spleen cyst fenestration and a series of highly difficult surgery.
Laparoscopic liver Hemangioma excision of success, they are actively
engaged in developing natural intestines cholecystectomy, liver
resection, pancreatic resection with international standards of the
new technologies for the benefit of more patients, and to contribute
to the development of hospital 309!

Laparoscopy versus laparotomy Hemangioma excision incision compared
The fifth day after surgery patients heal discharged from hospital

?Cancer, surgery, surgical patients, liver,

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