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?Laparoscopic surgery in urology

For a long time, "a long incision, big scar" was a surgery of the
signs, some patients are afraid to have a timely treatment. The
development of modern medicine has significantly changed the face of
the surgery. In the field of Urology, endoscopic Transurethral
surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder diseases
such as cancer and stones have already realized the dream of no
incisions. In the past ten years, the rapid development of
laparoscopic techniques gradually replace various open surgery in the
past. This minimally invasive technique extends the surgeon's eyes
and hands, through a small incision, reach volunteers retroperitoneal,
abdominal and pelvic, and various other parts of the complete complex
surgical operation. And compared to open surgery, laparoscopic
surgery, trauma, bleeding, postoperative recovery faster and shorter
hospital stay, and the treatment effect is the same with open surgery,
laparoscopic technique has been widely used in the treatment of
urologic diseases. Now you can use laparoscopic surgery in the
treatment of the disease: adrenal tumors, retroperitoneal tumor,
kidney, renal cysts and tumors, renal pelvis and ureter ureteropelvic,
Ureteral stricture, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, varicocele,
cryptorchidism, obstetric fistula, diverticulum of bladder, etc.
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?Oncology, urology, surgery, urinary bladder,