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									?Leukemia, Zhengzhou city, immune, RBC, hereditary

?Indications of Splenectomy and
its effects


        Zhengzhou central hospital surgical

                          Li Xue-min
      ? In a sense, the spleen is located in the splenic artery and
splenic vein between a sinusoidal, while sometimes the body's largest
Lymphoid organs, or about general lymphoid tissue of 25 per cent of
the total. ??? Zhengzhou Central Hospital Hepatobiliary and
pancreatic surgery Li Xue-min 1, principles of normal spleen to
Splenectomy, pathology of the spleen to decisive Splenectomy. Second,
the main indications for 1, 2, traumatic rupture of spleen and portal
hypertension splenomegaly with hypersplenism 3, blood diseases (1)
hereditary spherical Polycythemia (2) hereditary oval Polycythemia (3)
the pyruvate kinase deficiency (4) Thalassemia (5) auto-immune
hemolytic anemia (6) immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura attention
indications 4, hematopoietic system diseases (1) chronic myeloid
leukemia (2) chronic lymphocyte white blood (3), hairy cell leukemia
(4) Hodgkin's disease (Hodgkin) (5) GD (Gaucher disease), Splenectomy
complications after 1, intraabdominal hemorrhage normally occurs
after Splenectomy 24-48 hours. Prevention: preoperative attention to
correct the clotting disorder that may exist, with strict stop the
bleeding. ??? 2, subphrenic postoperative infection appears high
fever, left quarter of RAPS. B-mode ultrasound and CT helps confirmed.
Treatment: antibiotics; drainage or incision and drainage; FM
physiotherapy 3, thrombosis-embolism and postoperative complications
caused by the elevated platelet prevention: platelet count > 1.0 ×
10 12/L when it should be noted that measures such as anticoagulants.
4. after Splenectomy dangerous infection (OPSI) is at an early stage,
high-dose antibiotics, maintenance support important organ function.
?Leukemia, Zhengzhou city, immune, RBC, hereditary

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