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?Implantable cardiac pacemaker


Tianchang city people's Hospital in the second division of
cardiovascular disease is the diagnosis and treatment of
cardiovascular diseases in the city centre, have experienced
cardiovascular disease professional and specialist medical and
nursing staff, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiac
arrhythmia, acute and chronic cardiac insufficiency common
cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment. At the same time in
my province, county-level city hospital pioneered Transesophageal
cardiac electrophysiology, temporary, implantable cardiac pacemaker
implantation and other advanced diagnosis and treatment of
cardiovascular diseases. Tianchang city people's hospital medicine

Implantable cardiac pacemaker implantation in x-ray knife, patients
under local anesthesia, the veins of placing catheters, traverse
above electrode stable placed in the heart of the wall, and adjust
the appropriate location, electrophysiological tests appropriate
indicators, pacemaker, implantable subcutaneous. Now the pacemaker
only Pocket Watch size, weighing about 25 grams. The technology at
home and abroad are already very mature, usually for 1-2 hour trip,
trauma and pain-free.

With the development of science and technology and technology workers,
after nearly half a century of unremitting efforts, artificial heart
pacemaker systems are maturing stage, now the pacemaker is actually a
microprocessor. Pacing system for the treatment of arrhythmia is
currently the most effective way

We use our existing Interventional room equipment, surgical common
surgical instruments, equipped with undergraduate room existing
defibrillation monitoring instrument, the purchase will be able to
apply temporary pacing and for analysis of 5318 VDD Analyzer,
Medtronic company help configure 2090-controller, St Jude's Merlin
controller, since September 2004 started successfully launched the
implantable cardiac pacemaker implantation and replacement therapy,
and postoperative follow-up, test, and program control.

Implantable cardiac pacemaker, the treatment of cardiovascular
disease and created a new situation, as the city and its surrounding
areas have the pacing of the indications of the diagnosis and
treatment of patients with timely and effective, and provide
opportunities, we combine the city people's real economic capability,
integrated patient's condition, the choice of appropriate pacing mode.
At the same time, our patients and family, the best treatment and
after charging methods, in so doing since patients and their
relatives of great trust and gratitude. In fact, we already implanted
pacemaker patients with postoperative follow-up, testing, program
control and replace the provision of psychological and economic

?Check, hypertension, cardiac pacemaker, patients,

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