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?Femoral neck fracture?


Femoral neck fracture is not a rare disease, snow Hill, landslides,
sevaral, bone injuries, etc., may lead to neck fractures. Fractures
of the femoral neck once, the first sentence of the hospital, the
doctor will tell you that this disease has the potential to result in
avascular necrosis, the Moonstone.

Femoral neck fractures and other parts of the body's extremities
fractures compared to do more complications, because this is a
special part of the innate vascular anatomy are special, because of
the femoral head is a Terminal, naked, femoral neck fractures, the
guy's head off, and therefore prone to head necrosis is first.
Shanghai sixth people's Hospital orthopedic Kang Ching-Lin

Of course, avascular necrosis of the many relevant factors, in
addition to the anatomical born susceptible, there are other factors,
such as fractures and displacement of the degree is also very
relevant to shift the high rate of necrosis, surgery and reset time,
fixation techniques also is a key factor, in short, femoral neck
fracture surgery as soon as possible, the reduction should be of high
quality. Within half a year after surgery should try not to,
otherwise, excessive pressure head, necrosis.

Said, I told the audience that you want to go, because already
digress, avascular necrosis of the doctors, patients, both are
passionate about, and learn about the natural, I say much more boring.

±?ì? × ?oóóé focuses on the femoral neck fracture nonUnion of the
femoral neck fracture healing, it can be said that this and the
former is equally important. But why, now this problem very? I
personally think that there are two reasons, one is the 60-year-old
left-right of the femoral neck fracture patients, a significant part
of the joint replacement have been directly, of course, there will be
no later than even the femoral neck. Another is that now, femoral
neck fracture nonUnion treatment means and instruments are very
advanced, such as in the past, with three common fixing, bonding is
not enough, also useful three wing screw joints, fracture, but
greater or thighbone internal damage was severe, there is also a roof
fixed slit cut leader, plus, surgical procedures, lack of traction
and c-type wall perspective machine operation is difficult to ensure
that, after fracture fixation is not strong, the position is not good,
at the end of the neck of quite a lot. Today, more than the current
fixation use standard hollow screw, operation of equipment is also
very good, local minimally invasive, patients suffer less bone
anchored reset good, of course, nonUnion rates significantly lower. A
femoral neck fracture, of course, have less people, just like we are
now very few references to the old social landlord abacus, rent
collection press for payment to grab the feed.

However, China is a vast land, a large population, the level of
medical care is not the same, femoral neck fracture does exist, in
the event that the treatment of difficult, many patients don't know
what to do, it is necessary to introduce.

Current treatment methods are common to a variety of vascularized
bone graft surgery, evaluation of the results. I am here again, a
long history and neglected technique that valgus osteotomy
(photographs), as long as the measure, the effect is good. To date,
such an approach, in Europe and the United States continues to be
recognized as the best results.

Valgus osteotomy of the technological principle of the three, one can
recover because neck without shortening, sinks, led to the shortening
of the leg; the second is to make the neck cross section from
diagonal to horizontal position, eliminating broken shear between the
client and beneficial to the experimental; third, to tense medius,
improve the patient's gait lameness. Because these terms are too
professional, I wouldn't charge.

In fact, for this type of surgery, I was not the first time, in
another article, I have more to do, this article is just one of these
methods, the description is called, the next focus of jargon
osteotomy. That is, on nonUnion location does not do, but rather
focus on the side, osteotomy, reach the purpose of the cure. Link

Valgus treatment of femoral neck fracture nonUnion, history, effects,
it is true that today describes this technology, with the aim of the
new technologies, new methods emerge, we should not ignore or forget
the so-called "old" method.

Revolution, Lenin said: forget the past that meant betrayal.
Resolutely combat and despise unearned borers, is strictly prohibited.
?Femoral neck fractures, bone injury, surgery, results,

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