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									?Chemotherapy, cold, minimum, checking, vomiting

?Children's Hospital of
retinoblastoma patient discharge


Children's Hospital of retinoblastoma patient discharge instructions

1. child after chemotherapy, due to the low resistance, extremely
vulnerable to infection, hope that parents give their children more
care to avoid catching a cold, flu, don't give your children health,
cold, hard and dirty food to reduce the occurrence of children,
respiratory infections and intestinal bleeding.

2, chemotherapy after subcutaneous injection of trzin 4 day, 1
time/day, discharged in outpatient blood section injection room
injection, shot after the 4th day, please check out doing routine, if
there is an exception in the clinic to find Ma consultation.
Children's Hospital Ophthalmology white Dayong

3, discharged temporarily do not leave Beijing, 7-10 days of
chemotherapy of leukocytes or neutrophils may decrease the minimum,
you need to review the hemogram, normally 1 week look twice,
neutrophil leukocytes or lower can subcutaneous injection of trzin,
platelet too low can oral hygiene platelet capsule, bleeding signs of
bleeding, gingival bleeding, blood platelets below 30 × 10 9 can
platelet transfusion.

4. If you have fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash and other symptoms,
Monday to Friday daytime you can hang the blood center, Director, Ma
Li, if MA is not in the blood can be linked to psychiatric, if there
is no blood specialist, general medicine, you can hang. If it is
Saturday night, you need to, or linked to the Emergency Department,
handle, you need to explain to the emergency room doctor to
retinoblastoma patients after chemotherapy. Also available for
telephone consultation, specific telephone number below.

5. If fever lasts 1-2 days body temperature is greater than 38 ° c,
before you upgrade the test require antibiotics.

6, diarrhea requires clinic stool General + rotavirus, symptomatic

7, telephone: 18701014540 and 13269707352

8, in my section you can view the retinoblastoma knowledge login with expert q/a: column gives you as
much as possible for you to solve specific problems related to the
Web page below

Attach my practitioner's personal Web site, if you have questions you
can also consult online:

The Director: Wu Qian Director

Deputy Director, Prof. Red fan Yun luxuriant

White Dayong doctor Yan doctor

Xu Yun-doctor doctor

?Chemotherapy, cold, minimum, checking, vomiting

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