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?Child-bearing in mind the "7, 4,


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Editor's Note: parents want their children to grow up tall, but if
you don't grasp the growth and development are not good, it's likely
the child. Recently, in Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Endocrinology joint health times, health education and new media
Department of "integrated science diagnose, treat, happiness grow"
growth and development of young people, experts give professional
recommendations. Peking Union Medical College Hospital Endocrinology
Pan Huimin

Peking Union Medical College hospital had six years to investigate
the 670 000 parents of children with short stature, 97% of people do
not know your child's growth, more than 80% of the parents cannot
provide children 1 year old height. In fact, three of the most
critical period of a bearing in mind the "7, 4, 5," the three numbers,
and every three months to give your children the volume 1 time in

Children are the first phase is from birth to 3 years old, children
grow very fast. In General, every year the President of the 7 cm
above the speed of the belt on the child Endocrinology clinic
hospital. Baby's first year growth fastest, some children can even
grow 25 cm.

The second stage is from 3 to before the start of puberty
(approximately 10-year-old girl, a boy of about 12 years old). 4-
year-old human growth hormone, hormone has been formed, height growth
mainly by growth hormone, 4 ~ 7 cm. If less than 4 cm, the doctors
diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency causing stunting, 4 ~ 6-
year-old is ideal for the treatment of age.

The third key growth period is puberty, and General girl from 9, 10
to 15 years of age, boys related links: from the age of 11 and 12 to
16 years of age. In this gold, five or six years, every year at least
5 ~ 6.5 cm long. At this point let the kids to the outdoors in the
Sun, skipping rope, volleyball, basketball, long jump, longitudinal
movement every day, sleep 8 ~ 10 hours, height growth is particularly

   Parents should avoid 3 errors

Myth 1: blindly believe advertising increased product

Never consider treatment mechanism, price, are going to give it a try.
In fact, most of the advertising products have led to the early
closure of the epiphysis. As a result, when the effect is not good to
find specialists, may have lost the best therapeutic opportunity.

Myth 2: superstition in certain higher out-patient

Sick shows some parents listen to informal hospital out-patient
awareness, increased as a result of medication errors mis-diagnosis
or the child's growth, or even undesirable consequences, this is a
waste of time and spent a lot of money it is too late.

Myth 3: wait for the

Some parents believe that children have a long night long, 23-year-
old also channeling a channeling, children being short is not worried.
However, when the discovery kids really do not wait a long time, and
then after the end of the entrance to the hospital when the baby may
have been closed, then the epiphysis has the ability of a doctor.

Expert speakers:

Pan Huimin, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Associate
Professor of Endocrinology.

?Children, parents, misunderstandings, growth, height

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