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Quality Center Questions for Test Management

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 Quality Center Certification Questions-IV
66 What additional Quality Center modules may you have access to if
installed and/or licensed? Select all that apply.

A. reports
B. releases
C. dashboard
D. documents
E. business components
Answer: C, E

67 What link do you click on to log on to Quality Center 9.2?
A. Add-Ins Page
B. Quality Center
C. Site Administrator
D. Authenticate User
Answer: B

68 What tools does Quality Center provide for performing test data
analysis? (Select two.)

A. linking
B. graphs
C. reports
D. tracking
E. traceability
Answer: B, C

69 What can be accomplished using the Tools Menu of the Common Toolbar?
(Select two.)
A. define a cycle
B. log a new defect
C. switch to another project
D. open the Documentation Library
E. display the Quality Center version
Answer: B, C

70 Quality Center 9.2 provides what type of repository for all testing assets?
A. database
B. file system
C. web-based
D. open access
Answer: C

71 Where is the common toolbar located?
A. lower-left part of the window
B. upper-left part of the window
C. upper-right part of the window
D. lower-right part of the window
Answer: C

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72 Which toolbar contains buttons for frequently used commands in the
current Quality Center module?
A. Module Toolbar
B. Standard Toolbar
C. Common Toolbar
D. Formatting Toolbar
Answer: A

73 How do you make a context-specific shortcut menu appear?
A. right click on an interface element
B. double click on the interface element
C. choose Shortcut from the Help menu
D. choose Context Menu from the View menu
Answer: A

74 What HP testing tools does Quality Center integrate with? (Select two.)
A. WinRunner
B. Open View
C. Visual API-XP
D. Performance Center
E. Change Control Management
Answer: A, C

75 How many core modules are in Quality Center 9.2?
A. three
B. four
C. five
D. six
Answer: C

76 In the Execution Flow tab of the Test Lab module, what does a solid blue
line between two tests indicate?
A. the previous test must pass
B. the previous test must finish
C. the test has undefined parameters
D. the second test is called from within the first
Answer: B

77 When defining execution conditions in a test set, what completion status
choice or choices available?
A. finish
B. if/then
C. pass and fail
D. pass and finish
Answer: D

78 What must the goal of a test set meet?
A. the goal of the test plan
B. the description of the test set
C. the description of the requirement
D. the goal of the associated cycle or cycles

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Answer: D

79 Can a test set include both manual and automated tests?
A. No, a test set must be all manual tests
B. No, a test set must be all automated tests
C. Yes, however an automated test can not follow a manual test
D. Yes, automated and manual tests may be used in the same test set
Answer: D

80 When developing a test plan, what should the tester be careful about and
plan for between tests?
A. execution time
B. execution control
C. automation timing
D. data dependencies
Answer: D

81 How do you run an automated test concurrently on multiple remote hosts
in a test set?
A. run the test locally
B. select a host group for the local machine
C. select multiple hosts for the automated test
D. add multiple instances of the test to the test set
Answer: D

82 Quality Center provides the framework for test execution. What are the
stages of this framework?
A. import requirements, import tests, run the tests
B. link the tests to cycles, run the tests, log defects
C. develop the test set tree, organize test sets, set test-set properties, run the tests
D. convert the test plans to test sets, set the hosts for automated scripts, run the

Answer: C

83 What are two elements of the Test Lab module? (Select two.)
A. Linked Cycles
B. Linked Defects
C. Execution Flow
D. Execution Results
E. Graph of Selected
F. Linked Requirements
Answer: B, C

84 What types of tests make up a test set?
A. smoke and integration
B. smoke and automated
C. integration and manual
D. manual and automated
Answer: D

85 In executing a test, what do you link to a test set?

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A. a cycle
B. a defect
C. an LOB
D. a release
Answer: A

86 At what level is a main test set tree folder?
A. root
B. main
C. subject
D. unattached
Answer: A

87 When a test set folder is linked to a cycle, are all of the test sets in the
linked to that cycle?
A. No, only a test set can be linked to a cycle
B. No, a test set folder can only be linked to a release
C. Yes, all of the test sets in the folder will be linked to that cycle
D. Yes, all of the test sets in the folder will be linked to the cycle and all other cycles
in that release
Answer: C
88 What is a test set?
A. a folder of test results
B. a folder of testing cycles
C. a group of tests to achieve a goal
D. a group of tests assigned to a release
Answer: C

89 What choices are available in Test Set Properties if any test fails?
A. Rerun the test up to 5 times
B. Run the next Test Set, Do Nothing
C. Run cleanup test before each rerun of the test
D. Do Nothing, Stop the Test Run, Rerun the Test Set
Answer: D

90 While defining a test set, you want to notify your Project Manager if the
permission levels on the testing box are inadequate. What is the best way to
accomplish this?
A. select inadequate in the permissions field
B. ensure that the correct alert rule is in effect
C. check the appropriate checkbox in Test Set Properties>Notifications
D. email test results to the Project Manager at the completion of the test set

Answer: C

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