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  Quality Center Certification Questions-I

21 Once the Word macro is installed on your computer, what Quality Center
toolbars will Word display?

A. Test Plan, Requirements and Export
B. Requirements, Defects and Common
C. Test Plan, Requirements and Defects
D. Test Plan, Requirements and Common
Answer: D

22 What graph types are available in each of the Quality Center modules?
A. age and summary
B. trend and progress
C. summary and progress
D. requirements, coverage and age
Answer: C

23 When a predefined report is saved, what is the file extension?
A. txt
B. xls
C. html
D. doc
Answer: C

24 Which modules in Quality Center provide predefined graph templates?
A. Requirements, Test Lab and Defects
B. Releases, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects
C. Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects
D. Releases, Requirements, Test Plan and Defects
Answer: C

25 How is data defined for use in an Excel report?
A. with an SQL query
B. with an XML query
C. with ETL data extraction
D. with a WebDataScraper
Answer: A

26 On the General page of the Excel Report Generator window, what name
is displayed, by default, in the designer field?
A. the project manager
B. the site administrator
C. the user currently logged in
D. the user who created the report
Answer: D

27 Which menu allows you to generate a predefined report?
A. Help
B. Tools

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C. Analysis
D. Favorites
Answer: C
28 What elements can be linked directly to a requirement in the releases

A. a cycle
B. release tree
C. cycle details
D. a cycle progressa cycle? progress
Answer: A

29 Which module, in Quality Center, starts the testing process?
A. Defects
B. Releases
C. Dashboard
D. Requirements
Answer: B

30 What details about a cycle can you define in the details tab? (Select
A. name
B. end date
C. attachments
D. release version
E. linked test sets
Answer: A, B

31 What constitutes a release folder?
A. cycles of the release
B. test plan for the release
C. releases of the application
D. requirements for the release
Answer: C

32 Why do you create a release tree?
A. to define the framework of releases
B. to define the workflow for the project
C. to define the requirements hierarchy
D. to define the test plan for the release
Answer: A

33 How many buttons are available to create a Release Tree?
A. two
B. three
C. four
D. five
Answer: B

34 What types of attachments can be added to a cycle? (Select three.)
A. snapshot
B. test plans

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C. clipboard image
D. release versions
E. system properties
F. linked requirements
Answer: A, C, E
35 Which module allows you to view coverage by cycle?
A. Cycle
B. Releases
C. Test Plan
D. Requirements
Answer: D

36 What is the function of the New Release button?
A. creates a release tree
B. creates a cycle within a release
C. creates a release within a release folder
D. creates a new Release folder in the release tree
Answer: C

37 What is the foundation of the Releases module?
A. the release tree
B. the cycle versions
C. the release cycles
D. the release folders
Answer: A

38 What is an example of an indicator column in the Defect module?
A. status
B. priority
C. attachments
D. reproducible
Answer: C

39 Where can you find an audit trail of the changes made to a defect?
A. audit tab in the Defect module
B. status column in the defect grid
C. history tab in the Defect module
D. summary column in the defect grid
Answer: C

40 How can you save a filter that you set in the Defect module?
A. choose Defects>Save
B. click the Favorites button
C. click the Save Filter button
D. choose Favorites>Add to Favorites
Answer: D

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