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CANCER OVARIAN by liwenting


									OVARIAN                                              Ovarian Cancer Compared
CANCER                                                to other Women’s Cancers
About these facts
Although ovarian cancer is less common than breast cancer, the low five-year survival rate underscores its
deadliness. Proven tools and methods exist for early detection of breast and cervical cancers. Through
scientific advancements, advocacy and education, the breast and cervical cancer communities have
dramatically increased the detection of these cancers in their most treatable stages and decreased mortality

This is the type of progress the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance wants to bring about for ovarian

                              Ovarian Cancer                     Breast Cancer                   Cervical Cancer
                             1 in 71 women will be             1 in 8 women will be             1 in 145 women will be
   Lifetime Risk
                                   diagnosed                         diagnosed                         diagnosed
  Overall 5-Year            46% of women with this            89% of women with this           71% of women with this
  Survival Rate             cancer are alive 5 years          cancer are alive 5 years         cancer are alive 5 years
                            after they are diagnosed          after they are diagnosed         after they are diagnosed
  Trends in U.S.
    Incidence                   Decreased 1.8%                    Decreased 1.9%                   Decreased 3.4%
   1997 to 2007
    (average annual
    percent change)

  Trends in U.S.
     Mortality                  Decreased 0.8%                    Decreased 2.2%                    Decreased 2.6%
   1997 to 2007
    (average annual
    percent change)

  Screening or
 Early Detection                     None                                                         Pap test, HPV test
                                                             Tamoxifen citrate is FDA-       Vaccine for human papilloma
    Prevention                                                                               virus (HPV) was approved in
                                     None                    appproved to reduce the
     Methods                                                                                  2006 and prevents close to
                                                            recurrence of breast cancer.
                                                                                              70% of all cervical cancers.

American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2010. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, 2010.

M. J.Horner, L. A. G. Ries, M. Krapcho, N. Neyman, R. Aminou, N. Howlader, S. F. Altekruse, E. J. Feuer, L. Huang, A.
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1975-2007. National Cancer Institute, 2010.

                                                   Ovarian Cancer
                                                   National Alliance
                                                   We work to save women’s lives
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