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					                 The Electronic Cigarette and Smoke-free Hospital Campus Policy
What is the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)?

E-cigarettes (or electronic cigarettes) are battery-powered devices that claim to provide inhaled doses of
nicotine by way of a vaporized solution. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are considered unappro
nicotine delivery devices. E-cigarette companies are making unproven health claims about their products
saying that they are safe or safer than traditional cigarettes. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration
has determined that e-cigarettes meet the definition of a combination drug device product and, therefo
should be regulated.

Hospitals may set their own policy regarding the use of e-cigarettes. The Michigan Health & Hospital
Association and the Michigan Department of Community Health encourage hospitals to consider the use
such a policy.

Why incorporate e-cigarette language in the Smoke-free Hospital Campus Policy?

       The e-cigarette is not an approved product by the FDA, which is currently seeking authority to re
       these products as combination drug delivery devices.
       The e-cigarette is not a proven safe alternative to smoking and may pose safety risks to others.
       Additionally, there is no scientific evidence that they help smokers quit. There are proven safe an
       effective nicotine replacement medications available over the counter including patches, gum and
       lozenges. Oral inhalers and nasal sprays can be obtained with a prescription.
       The FDA has concluded that e-cigarettes pose acute health risks and contain detectable levels of
       carcinogens and toxic chemicals. The carcinogenic substances diethylene glycol and nitrosamines
       been found in FDA tested samples, as well as other tobacco-specific impurities that may be harm
       The vapor emitted into a room, either from exhalation or the vapor emitted from the e-cigarette i
       may not be safe.
       E-cigarettes contain varying levels of nicotine.
       E-cigarettes impose greater enforcement issues because it is difficult to distinguish them from rea
       E-cigarettes are not odorless and may violate current hospital policy on scent (perfume, smoke, e

Sample Policy Language – Electronic Cigarette

_________ Hospital /Health System protects the health and safety of staff, students, residents, physician
volunteers, visitors, patients, contractors, and other guests. This policy amends this hospital’s current
“Smoke-free policy” or “Tobacco-Free Environment” policy (insert name of hospital’s current policy) to in
the use of electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e-cigarettes, effective immediately.

The electronic cigarette is an unapproved nicotine delivery device, unregulated by the FDA. The FDA ha
concluded that E-cigarettes pose acute health risks and contain detectable levels of carcinogens and toxi
chemicals. They are not a proven safe alternative to smoking and no scientific evidence at this time has
shown that they help smokers quit.

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