POWER TRIPP BORDER COLLIES

This sales contract is made this ___ day of ___year _____ between Kim
Siemens (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and
_______________________________. Hereinafter referred to as the Buyer/s.

The sellers agree to sell and hereby do sell a Border Collie
of ___ female sex, whelped on ________ and sired by
_________________________________ __________________
A.K.C/CBCA Reg. ______________________out of
____________________________________ _______________
A.K.C/CBCA Reg____________for the sum of ______ paid in full on ________

Sellers certify that this dog is of sound body and temperament, and in good
health and free of communicable diseases to all outward appearances. Sellers
will provide health records regarding the then current status of veterinary
care, vaccinations and worming at the time of delivery of the dog.

Sellers will provide a five generation pedigree and registration with the AKC
and/or CBCA within six months of the date of purchase as part of the purchase

The sellers certify that, to the best of their knowledge, this dog is free from all
hereditary disabling diseases and agree to replace this dog upon return of the
dog, if a hereditary disabling or terminal disease appears within twe years of
date of sale. Such a condition shall be certified by both the seller's and buyer's
veterinarian or mutally agreed upon veterinarian.

Buyer certifies that this dog will not be used in any form of inhumane
treatment of itself If convicted in a court of law for activities of this sort, this
sales contract becomes null and void, and buyer will return the above
described dog to sellers. Buyer will forfeit any and all monies paid to sellers for
this dog.

Buyer agrees that, in lieu of a higher purchase price that he/she will be the
registered co-owner of this dog, and sellers will be the registered owners on the
AKC registration certificate, which sellers will retain until the following terms
are fulfilled:

1. Buyer agrees to breed this bitch to a dog of the sellers choice. Seller will
retain co-ownership of this bitch until one litters is produced. Seller will take
their pick of 2 puppies from this litter for future breeding and the remainder
to be sold outright by the Seller. Before the remainder of the pups are sold the
Buyer has the option to choose a pup of his/her choice free of charge or be
refunded the original purchase price of said bitch.
2. Buyer agrees to maintain this bitch in a healthy condition and to keep
inoculations current.

3. Seller will pay all costs incident to the breeding, gestation, whelping and
rearing of the litter. The litter will be whelped and raised at the Sellers home.

4. Seller shall retain the option of registering the litter under their kennel
prefix (Power Tripp).

5. Buyer will not spay this bitch unless the life of the dog is in jeopardy. Seller
retains the right to have their veterinarian examine the dog to obtain an
opinion as to the condition of the dog.

Upon completion of these conditions Buyer will have the dog altered and
sellers will transfer sole ownership of the above described dog to Buyer.

Non performance of this contract will result in forfeiture of dog to sellers. Any
legal costs for this action will be the responsibility of the buyers.

If buyer becomes unable to keep this dog, he/she will contact the breeders. The
breeder retains the right to purchase or will assist buyer in finding a new home
for the dog.


Seller __________________________________________

Buyer __________________________________________

Date __________________________________________

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