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Twitter for Business

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									Twitter for Business

David Berkowitz
Director of Emerging Media
@db k it
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 h t      d
shortyawards.com                         360i    /t itt

                          www.360i.com                    2

• Introduction
     Twitter tools
• 11 T itt t l
• Best Practices

                     www.360i.com   3

My Trip to Texas: April 2009

I took a trip to Dallas
     in April 2009

  I got to spend some
time with the in-laws…

…and Nanny…

              www.360i.com   8
               …and of course my wife

www.360i.com                        9
   My in-laws kept wanting
to talk about this Twitter thing
    they kept hearing about

                                   www.360i.com   10
  They made me think
constantly about Twitter

                           www.360i.com   11
Okay, I was really thinking
about Sprinkles Cupcakes

                              www.360i.com   12
               And eating quite a few too,
                  along with Dr Pepper
               (the kind with cane sugar)

www.360i.com                                 13
So my wife and I went to the source:
       the Dr Pepper Museum
    and Free Enterprise Institute
           in Waco, Texas
                                       www.360i.com   14
Signs for Twitter were EVERYWHERE,
         even in the elevator
                                     www.360i.com   15
        They even encouraged sharing photos
              With “TwitPic photo ops”
www.360i.com                             16
   The secret flavor in
    Dr Pepper is…


Was Twitter the secret ingredient
          In Dr Pepper?
    I was ready to believe it
                                    www.360i.com   17
               And then worlds collided:
                    My mother-in-law
                followed me on Twitter!

www.360i.com                               18
Her first tweet also plugged
  her business account –
  she had her hands full

            www.360i.com       19
   In no time, the Twitter
obsession was on in full force

             www.360i.com        20
The Top 11 Twitter Tools

Top 11 Twitter Tools

1. Twitter Search      7. TwitPic
2. Twist               8. HootSuite
3. TweetMeme           9. Seesmic Desktop
4. Bit.ly              10.Twitterfon
5. Mr. Tweet           11.Troy’s Twitter Script
6 Topify
                                            Generally speaking,
                                            the tools are listed
                                          in order of ease of use;
                                           the second column is
                                              more advanced

                           www.360i.com                        22
1. Twitter Search: Monitor Trends and Brands

                  Twitter Search is essential for
                       following trends and
               reviewing brand strength / activity
                               www.360i.com          23
1. Twitter Search: Now on Twitter.com

 Twitter Search appears
 T itt S      h
  on one’s Twitter.com
      home screen;
   Saving searches is
    especially useful

                          www.360i.com   24
1. Twitter Search: Advanced Search

                                         does offer added functionality
                                             like advanced search

                          www.360i.com                                    25
2. Twist: Chart Twitter Buzz

                   Create comparative graphs
                  of trends in Twitter mentions
                       at twist.flaptor.com
                              www.360i.com        26
3. Tweetmeme: Track Twitter Trends

                                  Tweetmeme.com is really great
                                for viewing the most tweeted links;
                               never miss a hot trend, link, or meme!

                        www.360i.com                              27
4. bit.ly: Shorten and Track URLs

                            URL shorteners save space
                         and www.bit.ly does a great job –
                            it saved 33 characters here
                           www.360i.com                      28
4. bit.ly: Shorten and Track URLs

                                          Bit.ly also has great tracking
                                            for clicks, referring sites,
                                               and users’ locations

                           www.360i.com                              29
5. Mr. Tweet: Find New People to Follow

                                         MrTweet com will recommend
                                         relevant new people to follow

                          www.360i.com                                   30
6. Topify: Manage Email Notifications

                                             Topify.com provides detailed
                                          information about who follows you
                                                    via email alerts

                           www.360i.com                                  31
6. Topify vs. New Twitter Alerts

                                            Twitter now does this too,
                                          but Topify has MUCH more info
                                               about your followers
                           www.360i.com                              32
7. TwitPic: Upload Mobile Photos

                                   Once you register with TwitPic com
                                   you can send camera phone photos
                                           to Twitter via MMS
                          www.360i.com                               33
7. TwitPic: Upload Mobile Photos

                                         I followed orders at the
                                             Dr Pepper Museum
                          www.360i.com                              34
8. HootSuite: Manage Multiple Accounts

                 HootSuite.com comes in handy
                when you have multiple Twitter
                      accounts to manage,
               like personal and business tweets
                              www.360i.com         35
9. Seesmic Desktop: Put Twitter on Your PC

                         desktop seesmic com
                   Go to desktop.seesmic.com
                    to manage Twitter action
             (and Facebook updates) on your desktop
                              www.360i.com            36
10. Twitterfon: Tweet from iPhone / iPod Touch

 If you tweet from
   your iPhone or
   iPod Touch, try
  Twitterfon.com –
   lots of features
         it s
    and it’s free!

                          www.360i.com           37
11. Troy’s Twitter Script: Tweety Steroids

                Troy’s Twitter Script makes lots of
                  enhancements to Twitter.com
                                www.360i.com          38
 Here’s a “before” picture –
what Twitter looks like normally
              www.360i.com         39
Here’s the “after” version with Troy’s;
notice how the URL is now spelled out
                  www.360i.com            40
Another “before” screen shot…

             www.360i.com       41
    And “after” – Troy’s shows
multimedia right there on the page
               www.360i.com          42
www.360i.com   43
    Troy’s also shows conversations
strung together, so it’s easier to follow
                   www.360i.com             44
Two Steps: First Grease, Then Troy

                                     Troy’s works for Firefox

                     First       d to install the Greasemonkey plugin
                     Fi t you need t i t ll th G           k    l i

                                             y               p
                             Then install Troy’s Twitter script

                           www.360i.com                            45
Top 11 Twitter Tools

1. Twitter Search
   www.twitter.com / search.twitter.com
2. Bit.ly
3. Twist
4. Mr. Tweet
5. Topify
   www topify com
6. TweetMeme

                              www.360i.com   46
Top 11 Twitter Tools

7. TwitPic
8. HootSuite
9. Seesmic Desktop
10. Twitterfon
11. Troy’s Twitter Script
    a) Install Greasemonkey (Firefox):
    b) Install Troy:
    userscripts org/scripts/show/40617

                               www.360i.com      47
8 Best Practices

1. Be Authentic            Write with a
                           human voice

                  www.360i.com            49
2. Listen                  Pay attention to what
                             people are saying

     See how quickly
      p         p
     Sprint responded
   to Kelly’s lost phone

                           www.360i.com            50
2. Listen

     As you can see,
    Kelly was beyond

                       www.360i.com   51
2. Listen

      She’s even a
   more loyal customer
      because of it

                         www.360i.com   52
3. Be Responsive

 Monitor Twitter daily
(or more) and respond
  whenever you can

                         www.360i.com   53
3. Be Responsive

     Yet another
   great response!

                     www.360i.com   54
                    Talk to others
4. Converse    even when they’re not
              talking specifically to you

                 www.360i.com               55
                                         Focus on interesting posts,
5. Quality over Quantity                with conversations and links,
                                        rather than constant updates
                                      (@satisfaction posts infrequently
                                      but usually has something to say)

                           www.360i.com                                   56
                       Some links to your
6. Avoid Link Spam        sites are fine,
                     but not in EVERY tweet

                     www.360i.com             57
7: Rule of ~120                  Make it easy for others
                                  to ReTweet (RT) you

• Write tweets with room to be easily retweeted
        (f RT_ @, )
• Add 5 (for RT @ _) + # of chars in Twitter name + round up,
                          f h     i T itt               d
  subtract from 140
• dberkowitz = 10, “RT @dberkowitz ” = 15, round up to 120

                                 www.360i.com                   58
                  Relationships and conversations are
8. Stick Around           central to Twitter,
                  so plan for an ongoing engagement
                     rather than a brief campaign

                            www.360i.com                59
8 Best Practices Reviewed

1.Be authentic
3.Be responsive
5 Quality over quantity
6.Rule of ~120
7.Avoid link spam
8.Stick around

                            www.360i.com   60

• David Berkowitz
• 360i:
  @360i / blog.360i.com
• My Blog:
  www marketerstudio com
• 360i Twitter POV
  www 360i com/twitterpov

                            www.360i.com   61

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