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									                              a California limited liability company

                                   Subscription Agreement


       The undersigned (the "Subscriber") acknowledges that he has received and reviewed a
copy of the Term Sheet and Business Plan of               , a California limited liability
company (the “Company”) relating to the offering of Class A Units (the "Units") in the
Company, together with the form of Operating Agreement (the "Agreement"). The Managers of
the Company are                             .

        1.     Subscription. The Subscriber hereby subscribes for and agrees to purchase the
number of Units set forth below, at a purchase price of $1.00 per Unit. The minimum purchase is
25,000 Units ($25,000) The Subscriber is delivering a check for the amount set forth below
payable to "                          ". If this subscription is rejected, any amount deposited
herewith will be promptly returned in full to the Subscriber, and this Subscription Agreement
shall be rendered null and void and of no further force or effect.

       2.      Representations and Warranties of the Subscriber. The Subscriber hereby
represents and warrants as follows:

               (a)     The Units hereby subscribed for are being acquired by the Subscriber in
       good faith, solely for the Subscriber's own account (except as disclosed herein), and are
       not being purchased with a view to or for the resale, distribution, subdivision, or
       fractionalization thereof; the Subscriber has no agreement or arrangement, formal or
       informal, with any person to sell, transfer or pledge to any person the Units for which he
       hereby subscribes, or any part thereof; and the Subscriber has no present plans to enter
       into any such agreement or arrangement; and

              (b)       The Subscriber is an Accredited In
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