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Symphonic Band CMAP


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									                                                                                     DHS Music
                                                                                   Symphonic Band

 Month                 Content                Questions          Frameworks                        Skills                           Assessments

                                           A. What Does It
            A. Proper Band Etiquette And   Take To Perform                        A. Identify The Proper Instrumentation
September   Rehearsal Procedures           In This Ensemble?    A. 8.1, 5.4, 5,13 Of A Wind Ensemble.                    A. Discussion/Oral Exam

                                           A. What Do                             A. Demonstrate Responsible Behavior
                                           Others Expect       A. 3.6, 5.11, 5.14 By Keeping And Organizing Their Own
                                           From Me?                   5.16        Music Folder.                       A. Folder Check

                                                               A. 3.6, 5.11, 5.14 A. Reacting Appropriately At Various
                                                                      5.16        Musical Activities And Events.         A. Daily Observation

                                                               A. 3.6, 5.11, 5.14 A. Caring For Music Department
                                                                      5.16        Physical Facilities And Equipment.     A. Daily Observation
                                                                                  A. Being A Responsible And
                                                                                  Contributing Member At Every
                                                               A. 3.1, 3.12, 3.13 Rehearsal.                             A. Auditions And Playing Checks
                                                                                  A. Demonstrate Proper Posture And
                                                               A. 3.6, 5.11, 5.14 Playing Position For Their Own
                                                                      5.16        Particular Instrument.                 A. Daily Observation

                                                                                    A. Perform Independently With
                                           A. How Is The                            Accurate Intonation, Steady Tempo,
                                           Stage Different                          Rhythmic Accuracy, Appropriate
All Year                                   From The            A. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.1 - Technique, And Correct Posture For
 Spiral     A. Performance Techniques      Rehearsal Room?            5.17          The Stage.                           A. Concert Performance Observation

                                                                                  A. Demonstrate Proper Stage
                                                                                  Deportment.                            A. Concert Performance Observation
                                                                                  A. Demonstrate Proper Pre-Performance
                                                                                  Preparation; I.E., Tuning, Valve Oil,
                                                                                  Rosin.                                A. Concert Performance Observation

                                                                                  A. Understand The Role And Function
                                                                                  Of The Conductor.                      A. Concert Performance Observation
                                                                       DHS Music
                                                                     Symphonic Band

                                                                    A. Analyze Performance Problems And
                                                                    Take Appropriate Measures To Correct. A. Concert Performance Observation

All Year                        A. What Is Good     A. 3.1, 3.11 - A. Demonstrate Correct And Proper
 Spiral    A. Tone Production   Tone?              3.14, 5.12, 5.13 Embouchure.                            A. Audition/Observation
                                                                    A. Define And Attempt Proper Tone
                                A. How Is Good      A. 3.1, 3.11 - Quality As It Relates To Their
                                Tone Developed?    3.14, 5.12, 5.13 Individual Instrument.                 A. Audition/Observation

                                                                    A. Produce A Gradual Of Extension Of
                                A. Why Do We        A. 3.1, 3.11 - Range With Increasing Flexibility And
                                Need Good Tone?    3.14, 5.12, 5.13 Facility.                            A. Audition/Observation
                                                                    A. Demonstrate A Scope Of Dynamic
                                                                    Range Without Distortion Of Tone
                                                                    Quality.                               A. Audition/Observation

                                                                    A. Develop Characteristics Of A Mature
                                                                    Sound; Vibrato, Resonance, Color,
                                                                    Timbre.                                A. Audition/Observation

                                B. What Is        B. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.12 B. Demonstrate Knowledge Of Proper
           B. Intonation        Intonation?             - 5.16        Intonation Through Use Of A Tuner.   B. Audition/Observation

                                B. Why Be In      B. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.12 B. Demonstrate Attempts To Adjust
                                Tune?                   - 5.16        Intonation While Playing.            B. Audition/Observation
                                A. How Does
All Year                        Music Move Over A. 2.1 - 2.15, 3.1 - A. Demonstrate A Steady Beat At
 Spiral    A. Tempo             Time?           3.14, 5.12 - 5.16, Various Tempi                           A. Audition/Observation

                                A. How Do You
                                Master Various  A. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.12 A. Execute Variations In Tempo
                                Tempo Markings?       - 5.16        Following A Conductors Cues.           A. Audition/Observation
                                B. How Do
                                Dynamics Affect   B. 2.1 - 2.15, 3.1 - B. Demonstrate Dynamic Contrast At A
           B. Dynamics          Music?            3.14, 5.12 - 5.16, More Advanced Level.                   B. Audition/Observation
                                                                         DHS Music
                                                                       Symphonic Band

                                                                      B. Demonstrate Identification And
                                                                      Execution Of Dynamic Contrast.          B. Audition/Observation

                                                                        A. Demonstrate Understanding The
                                                                        Relationship Of An Individual
All Year                          A. What Is        A. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.12 Instrument To The Rest Of The
 Spiral    A. Balance And Blend   Balance?                - 5.16        Ensemble.                             A. Listening Assessment
                                                                        A. Demonstrate Knowledge Difference
                                                    A. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.12 Between Melodic And Harmonic
                                  A. What Is Blend?       - 5.16        Passages.                           A. Listening Assessment

                                  A. How Do I
                                  Improve The
                                  Balance And                           A. Understand The Dynamic Range In
                                  Blend Of My       A. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.12 Relation To Group Instrumentation And
                                  Ensemble?               - 5.16        Size.                                 A. Listening Assessment
                                                                      A. Demonstrate Knowledge Of Uniform
                                                                      Articulation As It Relates To Balance
                                                                      And Blend.                            A. Listening Assessment

                                                                         B. Identify Symbols And Traditional
                                  B. How Do You     B. 2.1 - 2.12, 3.1 - Terms Referring To Dynamics, Tempo,
           B. Notation            Read Music?              3.14          And Articulation.                   B. Group Rehearsal Observation
                                                                      B. Recognize The Relationship Of The
                                                                      Individual Rhythmic Part To Others In
                                                                      The Ensemble.                           B. Group Rehearsal Observation
                                                                      B. Sight-Read Rhythmic Patterns And
                                                                      Melodies Using Simple And Compound
                                                                      Time Signatures.                    B. Group Rehearsal Observation
                                                                         A. Demonstrate And Respond To The
All Year                          A. Do I Have      A. 2.1 - 2.12, 3.1 - Beat, Division Of Beat, Meter, And   A. Audition/Group Rehearsal
 Spiral    A. Rhythm              Good Rhythm?             3.14          Rhythmic Notation.                   Observation

                                                                      A. Recognize Basic Conducting Beat
                                                                      Patterns, Including Mixed Meter.        A. Group Rehearsal Observation

                                                                      A. Demonstrate The Ability To        A. Audition/Group Rehearsal
                                                                      Recognize Complex Rhythmic Patterns. Observation
                                                                                    DHS Music
                                                                                  Symphonic Band

                                           B. Why Play        B. 2.1 - 2.12, 3.1 - B. Play All 12 Major Scales And A
           B. Scales And Technical Study   Scales?                   3.14          Chromatic Scale, 2 Octaves            B. Scale Test

                                                                                 B. Apply The Knowledge Of Scales To
                                                                                 Major Works Of Literature.          B. Auditions

                                                                                 B. Use The Correct Fingerings And
                                                                                 Positions To Perform Scales.            B. Scale Test

                                                                                 B. Perform Scales And Literature
                                                                                 Attempting To Use Proper Intonation.    B. Scale Test

                                                                                 B. Perform Band Literature Between
                                                                                 Grade Level 3-4.                        B. Auditions/Observation
                                                                                 B. Demonstrate And Understand Basic
                                                                                 Articulation Markings; I.E. Staccato,
                                                                                 Marcato, Legato.                        B. Auditions/Observation

                                                                                 A. Play Expressively And Appropriate
All Year                                    A. What Meaning A. 3.1 - 3.14, 5.1 - Dynamics, Phrasing, And Articulation,
 Spiral    A. Interpretation And Expression Does Music Have?       5.17          And Interpretation.                   A. Audition/Observation
                                                                                 A. Demonstrate An Understanding Of
                                                                                 Proper Phrasing And Expression By
                                                                                 Performing A Melodic Line.              A. Audition/Observation

                                                                                 A. Understand The Historical Context,
                                                                                 And Composers Intentions As It
                                                                                 Applies To Expression.                  A. Discussion

                                                                                 A. Demonstrate Knowledge Of Basic
All Year                                   A. How Do I Play A. 2.1 - 2.15, 3.1 - Styles And Genres Through
 Spiral    A. Style                        Different Styles? 3.14, 5.12 - 5.16, Performance.                             A. Observation/Discussion
                                                                                 A. Demonstrate Knowledge Of Basic
                                                                                 Stylistic Markings I.E. Maestoso, Grave,
                                                                                 Dolce                                    A. Audition/Observation
                                           A. What Can We                        A. Demonstrate The Ability To Identify
All Year                                   Learn From                            Correct Or Incorrect Pitches, Rhythms,
 Spiral    A. Critical Listening           Listening?            A. 5.1 - 5.15   Intonation, Style.                     A. Listening Assessment/Discussion
                                                                                 DHS Music
                                                                               Symphonic Band

                                                                              A. Demonstrate Aural Awareness Of
                                                                              Other Parts In Relation To Your Own
                                                                              Part.                                     A. Listening Assessment/Discussion

                                                                              A. Through Listening Examples
                                                                              Students Should Be Able To Express
                                                                              Ideas About Music; E.G. Style Form
                                                                              Characteristics, Historical Significance. A. Listening Assessment/Discussion

                                                                              A. Develop Knowledge Of What
                                                                              Criteria Represents Quality Literature.   A. Listening Assessment/Discussion

                                                                              A. Develop An Understanding Of
                                                                              Melody And Harmony.                       A. Listening Assessment/Discussion
                                                                              A. Describe And Demonstrate Audience
                                                                              Skills Of Listening Attentively And
                                                                              Responding.                          A. Listening Assessment/Discussion

                                           A. What Happens                    A. Describe Ways Various Types Of
All Year   A. Communities, Cultural, And   Outside Of                         Music Have Influenced Society And
 Spiral    Artistic Life                   School?           A. 6, 7,8 & 10   How Society.                              A. Group Discussion

                                                                              A. Describe The Different Ideas And
                                                                              Feelings That Music Can Communicate A. Group Discussion

                                                                              A. Understand The Importance And
                                                                              Function Of Music As A Service For
                                                                              The Community                             A. Group Discussion

                                                                              A. Perform Or Create Works Inspired
                                                                              By Historical And Cultural Styles.        A. Group Discussion
                                                                              A. Classify Works From The United
                                                                              States And World Cultures By Genre,
                                                                              Styles And History                        A. Group Discussion

                                                                              A. Integrate Knowledge Of Dance,
                                                                              Music Theater, And Visual Arts And
                                                                              Apply The Arts.                           A. Group Discussion
                                                                              DHS Music
                                                                            Symphonic Band

                                          A. How Do You                     A. Demonstration Of Proper Marching
May - June   A. Marching And Graduation   March And Play?   A. 3.1 - 3.10   With A Marching Band.                 A. Observation/Performance

                                                                            A. Demonstrate The Ability To Perform
                                                                            Advanced March Music While
                                                                            Marching.                             A. Observation/Performance

                                          A. How Do You
                                          Play For A                        A. Demonstrate The Ability To Perform
                                          Graduation                        Music Suitable For A Graduation
                                          Ceremony?         A. 3.1 - 3.10   Ceremony In The Correct Setting.      A. Observation/Performance

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