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Justhost coupon code


This JustHost coupon code entitles customers to 20% off JustHost's 12 and 24 month plans.

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									                               JustHost coupon code
  This coupon code entitles customers to 20% off our 12 and
                      24 month plans
                              Coupon code: JHSL20
                   CLICK to claim your 20% discount.

Just Host Full Review
JustHost is a leading company in the web
hosting industry, providing quality shared
hosting for affordable price. JustHost have 2
shared hosting plans: JustPlan that includes
one free domain, and JustPlan Premium
that includes 3 free domain names. Both
hosting plans have almost the same
features, the difference is only in number of
free domains. Each plan comes with
unlimited web space and bandwidth, and
allow to host unlimited MySQL databases
and unlimited domains on the same hosting
account. We can say that:

JustHost Hits

      high quality web hosting service
      cheap hosting cost, only $3.45 per month
      unlimited web space and monthly data transfer
      unlimited databases, host unlimited domain and email addresses
      free domain for life included with each hosting package
      award winning support, available 24/7 via email and live chat
      free advertising credits on different ad networks in total $90 on google, yahoo, miva and
      free site builder and on click installation software for joomla, wordpress, drupal, phpbb
       forums, b2evolution and more
      cPanel control panel that gives you the possibility to manage your domains, email
       addresses, files and scripts
      possibility to upgrade your shared hosting to dedicated when you need it

JustHost Misses

      they do not offer windows shared hosting

It is Just Host Reliable?
Absolutely! It is one of the leading hosting providers, and thousand of customers host their
websites with Justhost, not only for the great features that they offer, but also for that reason,
that each customer can count on Justhost support and security. They have live chat support,
free phone support, ticketing system, so you can get help in what way you want. If you are not
satisfied with their service, you can ask to refund your money.

Supported One Click Installation Scripts on JustHost

Blogging              Forums                 Web Polls                    eCommerce

      Wordpress            phpBB                 Advance Poll                 CubeCart
      b2evolution          SMF                   phpESP                       ZenCart
      Nucleus                                                                   OSCommerce
                      Image Gallery          Site Builder
                            4Images               Template Express
      Joomla                Gallery
      GeekLog              Gallery         Wiki
      Mambo                Coppermine
      phpNuke                                     PhpWiki
      phpWCMS        FAQ                          TikiWikiCMS
      phpWebsite
      Drupal               FAQ             Other Extras
      Post-Nuke             MasterFlex
      SiteFrame                                   Moodle
      Xoops          Customer                     Open Realty
                      Relationship                 phpAdsNew
                                                   phpForumGenerator
                            Crafty Syntax         WebCalendar
                             Live                  Template Express
                            Help Center
                            osTicket
                            PHP Support
                            Support

JustHost guarantees

      99.9% server uptime guarantee
      anytime money back guarantee
      24/7 Phone and email support

How to buy a hosting account at JustHost and what payment
methods can I use?

JustHost accept credit card and paypal payments as well. The ordering
process takes around 5 minutes. After they notice your payment you will receive an email with
all the necessary data, that you need to log in and use your hosting account. Well in around 30
minutes, you can have your website up and running.

If you are looking for reliable and cheap unlimited shared hosting service for your personal or
business website, well JustHost can offer all you need. Most of the customers choose JustHost
not only for the low hosting cost, but also for the professionalism how they manage their
customers and for the fast and award winning support.

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