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									# Issue/Question
1    EBO Subcontractor didn't get into SiteManager
2    Resizing DWR Preview Window Doesn't Always Work
3    T-41 Tablet too Slow
     When entering LIMS from SM - get Fatal Disk Error - Connection Failed
     (next login) - can't reboot
5    SM Prints to the wrong Printer in Citrix
6    No Location on Template
7    How do you do Steel Adjustments?
8    How do you Enter Work Zone Traffic Control Item?
     Stockpiles with Invoice Dates Greater than Estimate Date get Included in
     When starting SM software get Error: "Power Builder accessibility library
     cannot be located in the path."
     Error when trying to attach Scanned Document into SiteManager: Internal
     System Error: smapp; Error number 21; at line number 40 of event
11   ue_newole in object ue_te_attachments in window ue_te_attachments;
     Bad runtime function reference at line 40 in ue_newole event of object
     Inccorect People in List of Change Order Approvals - Crossing Regions:
12   Example: D260832 Region 5: Reg CO has dkeller who is Reg CO in
     Region 4
13   Unable to Authorized DWR
14 DWR Checked out, but Local Database is deleted or can't be accessed
     If Material switched during middle of project - requires full Samples for New
16 Sample Complete but it doesn't show up on Satisfied Material Qty
17 No Tests showing in Maintain Test Queue
18 Ability to write DWR's before giving Contract Authority
   Error when trying to change the PM or Project Engineer on the Primary
   Personnel Tab Under a Contract.

20 SM Reports will not Work with MS Access 2007

   Error on SM Main Panel "The procedure entry point
21 aaApi_CreateReferenceInformation2 could not be located in the dynamic
   link library DMSCLI.dll"
   Enter Samples and did Recalculate Discrepencies but it Doesn't Change
   Line Item Adjustments

23 In SM Reports - User doesn't see any Dnumbers

24 How do I enter a Charge to Contractor to a Specific Item (ex. Mp&T)?
     How do I enter a Charge to Contractor to the Project a Non-Specific Item
     (ex. Liquidated Damages )?

26 Where do I See Charges to Contractor?

27 No Vendor ID when contract is passed from P/L to SM

   When Pipelining Basic Contract Data and LIMS Reference Data get
   Message "LIMS Data download partially completed. Not all rows
   downloaded for LIMS Default Test Assignment. Please download Materials
   data and retry for a complete LIMS download."
29 Where can you Pipeline?
     On a DWR can't Select Equipment, Personnel, Supervisors or Record
     Work against an Item?

   During activation process, the pre-entered F.A.# (L1C0-X731-353) is
31 different from the F.A. # in the Signed Agreement and which was
   confirmed by the designated E.I.C. (L230-x731-353).

   DNumber does not appear when the "generate estimate" icon is
32 pressed...leaving an eror message "You do not have authority to generate
   On SM Login Error Message "Call system administrator the security data is
   not setup"
34 How do you handle a Test Strip Bonus Payment?

35 Does PM have to Keep Diary for Winter Shutdown?

     If Project Type is "RFA" - Federal Oversight Required and the Change
     Order is an FCP - then FHWA is in the Approval Chain after RCE?
37 An Estimate Needs to be Changed after the Field Office has Approved?

   When an estimate has been generated with material discrepancies and it
38 appears that all the Sample information is accurate. Why still

39 Unable to Pipeline

     SM Reports Error "Connection to OWP2 Failed" Before Reports Login
   Does the field still need to submit the BR 300 forms with cylinders going to
41 the Regional lab to break the cylinders, when these cylinders have been
   entered into SM
   Sample Can't be Found or the Wrong Sample Type or Acceptance Method
   is on Sample from Report
   Get E-Mail that Concrete Break was Authorized (Complete) - but don't
   know for what DNumber or Item?

44 What does Material 700-9901 Per Spec Mean?

     What if your Item has Concrete and there is no Cylinder Sample Assigned
     to the Material it's a 700-9901 Per Spec

46 How are Engineering Charges Handled?

47 DWR Tempature Not Saving Correctly?

48 How do you Create a New Category?
   RCA Can't Change out PM or RE on Contract - Primary Personnel
50 What do use for a Bridge Painting Template?
   If you have a Charge to Contractor that can't be Reconciled at Final how
   do you handle that?
   if we have an approved source for select fill, and our geotech lab has done
52 all the sieve analysis (no on site gradation test was done), do we still need
   to enter the test into SM/LIMs? Using the results provided by our lab?

     Change Order with a Value of $0.00 withbut the FCP Item was Fully
     Approved at a level lower than OSC
     A DWR has been entered with an incorrect DWR Date (including dates
     way off)?
Must Approve the Subcontractor in EBO after Contract is Activated in SiteManager
Can't resized unless maximize then becomes smaller and no longer centered
Need More Memory?
Call Helpdesk to reset Connection
Set default printer you want to print to before entering into SiteManager
Use Location on DWR - not on Templates; Use remarks for information desired
Use Region 1 MS Access Database - then Enter Value into DWR
Run Report - then Enter on a DWR as the Last Entry before Approving Estimate
Business Policy: Don't Enter the Stockile Until the Estimate you want to pay it in

Place the file called pbacc100.dll in the Folder C:\SMAPP

See the documents called Scanning_to_Adobe_PDF.pdf and

Check Contract Authority for the Invalid Users

It is probably checked-out (pipelined)
Re pipeline the DWR out from Original User
Turn the Conversion Factor to Zero for both Materials, then Enter Samples for the
New Material
Check Sample Type to Compared to Mid Window - may have selected wrong sample
type which allows different test on same material
Click All My Labs - if still none there aren't any
Can enter a DWR Date before Contract Authority Date, even before Award Date
Need to End the Contract Authority on the Current PM or Project Engineer First.
Replace ths smapp.ini with an MS Access 2007 smapp.ini OR change the smapp.ini
app4=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\MSACCESS.exe
Have Regional IT or CSMIN run the nopw.exe (which fixes a ProjectWise integration
issue with Office 2007)

Must Regenerate the Estimate everytime you make a change
AD Account Name either incorrect or wrong case; Enter helpdesk ticket - Sys Admins
- Check if Long String 1 has uppercase or lowercase AD Account Name - switch or fix
Only the one who generated the Estimate can enter the Charge to Contractor.
1. Go to Contractor Payments - Contract Adjustments - Line Item Adjustments 2.
New 3. Enter Information on Screen using the Type "Item Specific Charge"
Only the one who generated the Estimate can enter the Charge to Contractor.
1. Go to Contractor Payments - Contract Adjustments - Line Item Adjustments 2.
New 3. Enter Information on Screen Using one of the Three Charge Items 696.01 -
Engineering Charges or 696.02 Liquidated Damages or 696.03 Contractor Charges -
Other Use the Type "Non-Item Specific Charge"
In SiteManager go to Contractor Payments - Contract Adjustments - Line Item
In SM Reports use CONR 22 or Line Item Adjustments by Type and Select "All" or
If you have a new contractor and do not have the Fed ID number (not listed) please
ask your Sub-Contractor approval person to go into LAS and look up "Vendor Name"
"Contains" and type the name to search they will then have the vendor ID (they
should verify it against the address the Award has) to give you.

This is a standard message. The Pipleline worked.

Pipeline must be done Over the VPN or DOT Network, Pipeline will not Work over
Citrix. After Pipelining Connect to StandAlone.
Make Sure you have Selected a Contractor on the DWR.

Notify Jim Hanley or Dave Turco to see there was a Funding Change. then use the
correct one in all places including in the Generic Fields on Category 1 where it
currently is.

You Can't Generate the Next Estimate, if the Previous Estimate wasn't Fully Approved

Make sure you are logged into the DOTCSMIN network and not the individual
computer, if so then a re-install of SM is needed
Pay it on the Original Item at 1.5 Times (or whatever spec says)
Have PM write Winter Shut-Down - Make Diary entries if something happened within
Project Limits - Start the Diary back up if Contractor back on Job Site - And Remove
Contract Authority for Inspectors during Winter Shutdown
Override Approval Rules with: 1. PM 2.Regional Change Order 3. Area Supervisor
and 4. RCE
Call or E-Mail Donna Stealey (MO Accounting) to Reject, If the Estimate has already
been approved then this can't be done
Check to make sure that the estimate has been regenerated to pick up any changes
in the reference data, e.g., Contract Sampling and Testing Requirements turned off.
Also, it would be worth regenerating the estimate if a period of time has elapsed since
the last generation just to ensure no data has changed.
1. Try it overnight (Checking Basic Contract Data & LIMS) IF it doesn't work:
2. Have the RCAC Pipeline Down the Contract
3. E-Mail or Copy the Smdbl00.mdb located in C:\SMAPP\SMDB
4. Have the user first login to SM in Server Mode then Stand-Alone Mode
Have CSMIN correctly setup the connection to OWP2
Continue submitting the BR 300 paperwork with cylinders that have been entered into

Follow the Instructions on the Tab Called "Incorrect Sample" in this Spreadsheet
Copy the Sample ID from the E-Mail; 1. Run the Materials Report BR 300 - Copying in
the Sample ID from the E-Mail
When the quality assurance model for SM was established, if a given pay item had
very specific matl requirements (like we get this matl from company A,B, or C), or if
the pay item had too many specific 700 requirements in it (for example it requires 6
different 700 numbers), then rather than requiring the field staff to accept all 6
separate material components for this item, it would be accepted using a single action
in SM, called accepted "based on all spec requirements" or per spec for short. This is
Entered the Same as a Cert Sample in SiteManager/LIMS.
Two Options: 1. Enter a Sample in the Sample Information Window Directly using the
Class-xx and "Project Concrete - Slump, Air, Cylinder" sample type. 2. Have your
RCA Add the Class-xx Material to the Item in Contract Materials Sanpling & Testing
Line Item Adjustment on the Item 696.01 in the Proper Category, Use Type = "Item
Specific Charge" - Code ITEM
If you enter the High Temp and tab down to Low Temp it Repeats the value but if you
change the low it does save correctly. Same way the other way around enter Low
First and then go to High it repeats.
QRG Written; RZA and System Admins can do it.
RZA and System Admins can do it.
Use the Bridge Painting Template Fillable forms and Attach.
Have MO Accounting Produce an AC-340 for a Savings to NYSDOT

Yes, during the Placement of the Fill/

Create a New Change Order to OSC deleting out the New Items and Adding them
back in with a New Line Item #; Attach the Original CO. And Delete or Zero out any
of the New Items that are in a DWR
Zero out all Items on the DWR, Remove Contractors and Subcontractors. Enter
Mistake in Remarks and Authorize in Diary.
Steps to Change your Password for SM Reports
  1   IntraDOT
  2   Applications Tab
  3   Click Password Management Facility (PMF) (Left Side - Bottom - Need to Scroll)
  4   Application:
  5   Environment:
  6   Username:
  7   Current Password, then New Password Twice
Select Warehouse
Select Production
AD Account
Unable to Login to SiteManager - Connection Failed or "Secrity Data Not Set Up" OR Unable
                            to Login into SiteManager Reports


Unable to Login to SiteManager - Connection Failed or "Secrity Data Not Set Up" OR Unable
                                to Login into SiteManager Reports
   An older version of a required Oracle file is being used. At this time we (construction support)
   are not able to remedy this since we don't have rights to the folder that holds the file. We are
   working on resolving this but in the meantime if you have any of your offices that are getting
   any connection errors you can check to see if the file in
   C:\oracle\ora10\NETWORK\ADMIN is dated 6/8/2009 11:09 am.
   The router has lost it's settings.
     Cancelling a Test has the Wrong Sample or Accept Type
#     Step
1     LIMS
2     Review Tests
3     Highlight Test to Take Action On
4     Under Supervisor Action - Re-Queue
5     Enter Remark then Close Remarks
6     Save
7     Exit out of Review Tests
8     Maintain Test Queue
      Highlight Test to Take Action On (If Sample Doesn't Show Contact Jim
      Hanley or Dave Turco to Fix)
10    Services
11    Cancel Test
12    Enter Remark then Close Remarks
13    Save
14    Re-Enter Sample information from DWR Window

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