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C Class 0922 Early_Child_Motor_Challen


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HUMGR 3003 A Dr. Richard Ross 817 923-1921 x6370 Fall 2005 Price 105 September 22, 2005

Early Childhood Motor Development
The Brain Santrock: “By the time children have reached 3 years of age, the brain is three-quarters of its adult size. By age 5, the brain has reached about nine-tenths of its adult size. The brain and head grow more rapidly than any other parts of the body.” “Some of the brain’s increase in size also is due to the increase in myelination, a process in which nerve cells are covered and insulated with a layer of fat cells. It has the effect of increasing the speed of information traveling through the nervous system.” Challenge:

Handedness Santrock: “For centuries left-handers have suffered unfair discrimination in a world designed for the right-hander.” Challenge:

Obesity Santrock: “Prevention of obesity in children includes helping and parents see food as a way to satisfy their hunger and nutritional needs. Food should not be used as a proof of love or as a reward for good behavior.” Challenge:

Undernutrition Santrock: “Every week, more than a quarter of a million children die in developing countries in a quiet carnage of infection and undernutrition. . . Most child malnutrition and deaths could now be prevented by parental actions that are almost universally affordable and based on knowledge that is already available.” Challenge:

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