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					Accord Optima Drills   Product Information 2009
Accord Optima Drills                                                                   Product Range

Model                            3.0m                   4.5m (Indent)                    6.0m (Indent)
Working Width (m)                 3.0                        4.5                              6.0
No of Sowing units                4                           6                                8
Row Spacing (Cm)                         Std 75 (Narrower spacing possible up on request)
Tractor Attachment                              3PL                                         Drawbar
Tool Bar                         Fixed              Telescopic (Hydraulic)             Folding (Hydraulic)
Track Markers                                                Hydraulic
Sowing Units                                    Normal with chill cast Maize coulter
Suspension                               Stable parallelogram with maintenance free bushes
Hopper Capacity (L)                                                30
Weight (Kg)                                                        65
Drive                                               Via gearbox with chain wheel
Seed Spacing (Cm)                         Adjustable from 7 to 18 (with 32 hole seed disc)
Depth control                                            Infinite via spindle
Press Wheel                                              370mm FarmFlex
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity (L)                2 x 220                                         1200
Hopper sieve                                                  Standard
Fertilizer Coulters               Spring Loaded chilled cast coulters with exchangeable coulter tip
Accord Optima Drills                                                Sowing Heart

Calibrated, pelleted and natural seeds
• > 3mm can be sown easily with the OPTIMA.
Interchangeable seed disc which is rotating on ball bearings
• The disc and centre hub are directly connected
• No seals are needed thus ensuring perfect operation and no wear
Exact singulation of the seed at the seed disc
• Obtained by adjusting the toothed upper singulator
• Surplus seeds are returned into the seed chamber.
The lower singulator is used to position the seed accurately over the centre of the
    seed hole on the disc.
The spring-loaded vacuum interrupter covers 2 holes on the seed
• Guaranteed release of the seed to free-fall into the centre of the seed furrow
    made by the coulter.
Accord Optima Drills                                Standard Sowing Units

For conventional seeding
• Row width from 30cm
• Depth control by Farmflex press wheel 370mm
• Seeding heart located close to the ground which ensures minimum drop
   height and precise placement
• Individual row weight of 65 kg
• Seed hopper 30 l
Accord Optima Drills                                          HD Sowing Units
For conventional, direct and mulch sowing
• Exact depth control is maintained through the front oscillating depth control
• Seeding heart located above double disc system for excellent depth control
• Individual row weight of 129 kg. The downward weight on the unit can be
   increased by 100 kg
• Loading of the V-press wheels can be adjusted in 3 steps from 0 to 45 kg by
   additional angle adjustment
Accord Optima Drills                                3m Fixed Frame

• Working width 3m
• 4 standard sowing units
• 75Cm row spacing
440l fertilizer capacity
• Metering device with cell wheel
• Sealed with rubber lip
• Cut-off slide from hopper
• Emptying chute
• Fertiliser coulter normal sowing

                                     8 row narrow spacing shown!
Accord Optima Drills                   4.5m Telescopic

•   Working width 4.50m
•   Transport width 3.00m
•   6 Normal sowing units
•   75Cm row spacing
•   Row fertiliser with 440 L hopper
•   Power requirement
    85 kW (115 hp)
    Accord Optima Drills                      6m Trailed

•    Working width 6m
•    8 Normal sowing units
•    Row spacing 75cm
•    Central fertiliser hopper with 1.200 l
•    Minimum power requirement - 80 hp
Accord Optima Drills   Product Information 2009

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