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									What’s New At

   Kevin T. Kavanagh
   North American Yacht Racing Union
    (NAYRU) Founded Oct 20, 1897

   October 1991 NAYRU voted to change it’s
    name to US SAILING to represent the
    diversity in the mission of the

   National Governing Body of Sailing under
    the auspices of the Amateur Sports Act.
   However US SAILING is more than racing.

   US SAILING's mission is to encourage
    participation and promote excellence in
    sailing and racing in the United States.
   US SAILING is a member-based
    organization that accomplishes its mission
    through volunteers and member
    organizations supported by an
    administrative staff. We affirm the principles
    of good sportsmanship, safety, fair play,
    equal opportunity and fun in sailing by
    people of all ages and abilities.
   37,500 members with 8,000 cruising
   Overall, 90% of sailors are not racers.

   Comparable to the United Nations.
   Composed of Committees and Councils.
   Interests range from Windsurfing,
    Cruising, One Design Racing, Off-Shore
    Racing and even Model Sailboat Racing.
 US SAILING - Reorganization
On October 21, 2005, US
SAILING underwent a
major reorganization.

Ironically, this was the
   200th anniversary of the
   battle of Trafalgar (The
  most important battle in naval
  history of sailing ships which
  reshaped the dominance of the
  seas for 100 years. )
 US SAILING - Reorganization
Board of Directors meet
monthly and direct the
 Board of Directors

  reduced from
  49 to 14.
 Nine are elected by

  the general
    US SAILING - Reorganization
Board of Directors
   Three nominated by
    the House of
   Rest are nominated
    by the nominating
   Most seats must have
    at least 2 nominees.
    US SAILING - Reorganization
Board of Directors
   Elect the President of
   Appoints Committees
    and Chairman.
   Oversee US SAILING
    US SAILING - Reorganization
Board of Directors
   No board member may
    concurrently hold a
    chairmanship or
    presidency of a US
    SAILING council or
    committee, regional
    sailing association or
    national, or international
    class association.
    US SAILING - Reorganization
House of Delegates
   Serves as an advisory
    body to the President
    and Board of
   Composed of
    Representatives from
    Sailing Councils.
    US SAILING - Reorganization

   Administration
   Competition
   Education
   Olympic
   Recreational Sailing
    US SAILING - Reorganization

   Implement directive
    from the Board of
   Have a budget and
    make decisions on
    how to implement
    US SAILING - Reorganization
   Composed of groups
    having common and
    mutual sailing
    interests on a
    national basis.
   Have Representation
    in the House of
Cruising Council

   Newest Council.
   Designed for Non-Racing Activities.
   US SAILING Recognizes that most
    sailors do not race and the Cruising
    Council is designed to serve this
Members & Local Sailing

   US SAILING has both sailors and clubs
    as members.
   A balance is struck in services provided
    to these two constituents.
Service To Members
   US SAILING Newsletter
   Boat insurance
   Safety at Sea Seminars & Sailing Training
   Discounts on Chartering
   Other Discounts and Special Offers
   US SAILING Merchandise
Boat Insurance

   Racing Sailboats
   Cruising Sailboats and Powerboats
   One-Design Classes
Sailing Education
US SAILING Courses are On-The Water
 Training. This is Unique to US SAILING.
   Small Boat
   Racing
   Keelboat to Cruising
   Windsurfing
   Powerboating
Small Boat
Taught by Certified US SAILING Instructors

   Start Sailing Right
    --This program is being
    rewritten into a three part
Five Part Certification Series
Taught by Qualified Schools with Certified US
SAILING Instructors.
   Basic Keelboat
   Basic Cruising
   Bareboat Cruising
   Coastal Navigation
   Passage Making
Safety at Sea Seminars
   Before you head offshore, join us for the
    most authoritative daylong seminar on safe
    seamanship, heavy-weather tactics, and boat
    preparation. See safety-equipment demos
    and crew-overboard-recovery techniques.
    Pose questions to our panel of expert blue
    water sailors. Tuition fees vary, and seating is
    limited, so call now for reservations. This
    could be the most important day of your
    sailing life.
Online Education
   90 online videos, Over 275 thousand
    words in 722 pages.
   7 online courses with tests

Online Education
   Sailing Primer
   Introduction to Racing and Racing Rules
   Small Boat Course
   Keelboat Course
   Cruising Course
   Windsurfing Course
   Powerboat Course
Powerboat Course
   On-the-water powerboat course which is
    NASBLA certified.
   Offered by may US SAILING Schools.
   Find a course at www.uspowerboating.com
Government Relations
Tackles Government Regulation Problems
Affecting Sailors
 Boat for hire restrictions.

 Transporting CO2 cartridges for life
  vests on airplanes.
Services to Local Sailing
   Insurance for Clubs and Races
   Insurance for Windsurfing Schools
   Race Management
   Race Protest Appeal
   One-Design Symposium
   National Sailing Programs Symposium
Racing - Rules
   The rules of racing are changed every 4
    years. An eight man US SAILING Committee
    plays a leading role in revising and
    maintaining these rules.
   International Sailing Federation, ISAF, makes
    the rules.
   US SAILING can make minor additions or
    changes to the rules called “Prescriptions”.
    Copies of the rules can be downloaded free
    from www.ussailing.org .
Racing - Rules
 Rules in Brief Card

 Changes in the 2005 to 2008 rules.
 ** See handout for additional changes.

    The 360 degree penalty is now the one
     turn penalty (One Jibe and One Tack).
    The 720 degree penalty is now the two
     turns penalty (Two Jibes and Two Tacks).
     Race Management
US SAILING Provides Seminars on
Race Management at Local Yacht
and Sailing Clubs.

Protest Appeal
   You cannot appeal the race committee’s
    factual decisions only its interpretations
    of a rule or its procedures.
   Fifteen days to file an appeal.
   Race Administration Director
    P.O. Box 1260
    Portsmouth, RI 02871-0907
Protest Appeal
   Can you use a sea anchor to help you in
    your turn around a mark ???

In this question, the facts are not
disputed only if the action is allowed in
the rules of sailboat racing.
One Design Sailing
   For class officers, district governors, fleet
    officers and anyone who cares about
    one-design sailing.
   Promote One Design Racing.
   Presentations by industry leaders and
    class experts and forums for exchanging
    and fostering new ideas.
National Sailing
Programs Symposium
   Anyone who is involved with organizing
    and operating a sailing program of any
   First year program organizers to veteran
    program directors.
   Topics on how to start a program and how
    to keep it running successfully.
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