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					                                                   BAREBOAT MIAMI – Crewed and Bareboat Charters
                                                   Tel: (786) 975-6149 * Fax: (305) 758-1802
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                                   SAILING RESUME FORM
Greetings from Bareboat Miami. Although Skipper qualifications for bareboat chartering is based upon
a guest´s previous sailing experience, a captain’s license or bareboating certificate is not required. To
confirm your bareboat skipper qualification, kindly complete this brief résumé and either fax it or mail it
to the address above. Our own Captain Levente will contact you with your resulting skipper status. Give
us as much pertinent information as possible so that we can assure you have the capabilities of
bareboating. When completing the résumé, keep in mind that the size of the Aventura – a 47´
catamaran – should ideally be similar in size to those you have experience handling.

Crew (Captain and First Mate if needed) are also available for hire for the duration of your charter. You
may even take advantage of our Cruise & Learn program — you charter the catamaran and for a daily
fee, our captain/instructor will teach you what you need to know to skipper your own vessel in the future.

Please keep in mind that bareboating is a hands-on vacation. We expect our bareboat skippers to be
seasoned boaters who will take care of the vessel as if it were their own: inspect the rigging and engine
room, check fluids, station a watch or put out a second anchor if conditions warrant it, and understand
the use of the equipment and systems. Navigation, chart reading and coastal piloting experience is a
must due to the presence of notoriously shallow reefs in Florida and the Bahamas. In short, bareboating
may involve getting your hands dirty. If you would rather relax than master the duties required of
bareboating, please consider hiring a crew for your sailing vacation.

Please answer completely and return as soon as is convenient.

NAME OF SKIPPER _________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: ________

How many years have you been boating/sailing/cruising? ________

List any sailing/cruising experience according to the following criteria:

Years as Skipper ___________ Years as Crew______________
Day sailing:                       Coastal Cruising: ________________________
Offshore Cruising:

Where have you done most of your sailing? ____________________________

What is the largest size and type yacht skippered: __________________________
Total number of days: ________________ Where: ___________________________

Boat owned (currently or previously): ________________________________
LOA:________ Engine: __________________________________________________
(not a requirement for charter.)

Anchoring experience (indicate number of times):
Single bow anchor ______ Double bow anchors ______
Bow & stern anchors ______ Pick-up mooring ______
Docking ______
                                                       BAREBOAT MIAMI – Crewed and Bareboat Charters
                                                       Tel: (786) 975-6149 * Fax: (305) 758-1802
                                                       Visit us online at

Navigation skills (check box in each category):

Skill                                     Expert     Advanced       Average      Some      None     Notes
Chart reading
Coastal piloting
Dead reckoning
Navigating in limited visibility

Outline your experience in piloting and use of charts:

List any courses you have taken and when: (Coast Guard, School, etc.)

List two sailing/personal references other than family: (Name/Address/Phone#):

First Mate’s name: _________________________________________ Age:______
Boating experience:_____________________________________________________
(not a requirement for charter.)

Any additional information that would be useful in evaluating your abilities?

Tentative dates you want to charter the Aventura:

Number of days:

Bareboat Miami reserves the right to restrict the use of the boat without a crew to those proficient in
catamaran operations according to our standards. If a charterer is not qualified, he/she may employ a
captain for the cruise.

I certify that all information provided herein is true and that nothing detrimental to my experience and/or
qualifications has been omitted.

Signed: ___________________________ Date: ___________