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									?Constipation, abdominal pain, fever, baby, vomiting

?Four perfect baby constipation


Constipation on baby's growth and have a great influence, but not so
easy to fix, my mother often feel helpless. The experts offer advice
for you, deal with baby constipation has a trick.
Newborn baby constipation truth jianghan oilfield general hospital
surgical Wang Qiang
Under normal circumstances, the majority of newborn babies, will be
born within 24 hours after dark, sticky from meconium. Mommy to
babies, baby will emit relatively thin golden yellow and will, one
day about three to four times of defecation; eat baby formula milk,
emissions will usually pale yellow than breast-fed babies, stool to
become dry, and a day for about a second of defecation, only a few
baby defecation in two days at a time, but it is normal behavior.
However, after the baby has been born since constipation, most likely
within the body of the congenital diseases, organic constipation is
the most common are the following:
1. congenital megacolon.
2. congenital stenosis of anus or anal free.
3. congenital hypothyroidism.
Infant constipation truth
This period saw the baby constipation, mainly by malnutrition and
diet-induced habitual constipation, often found in the following
1. eat in dietary fiber content is too small.
2. the Mummy usually does not pay attention to cultivate regular
bowel habit for good.
3. the Mummy rearing method.
Expert Tip: have the baby may be three or four days it once, but if
defecation more smoothly, cannot be regarded as constipation;
Conversely, baby even if every defecation, however it also stem from
and with poor appetite, abdominal distension, can also be identified
as constipation.
Meet baby constipation prudential policy
As constipation will make your baby's digestive absorption reduced,
so that is fast growth and baby height, weight and influence the
development of the tissues and organs, baby constipation, Mum appears
in time with the baby to the doctor and the doctor, take effective
treatment strategies.
Prudential policy 1
After the birth of the baby, Mommy should closely observe the
defecation, if in 24 hours after birth fetal expulsion or delayed
discharges, intestinal disorders, such as the existence of some
congenital megacolon, anorectal malformation, intestinal atresia,
meconium ileus, meconium plug syndrome, Mommy should bring baby to a
doctor as soon as possible, so that the baby be timely diagnosis and
treatment, so as not to affect the physical and intellectual
Perfect 2
Unreasonable due to diet-induced constipation with diet modification.
In order for the artificial feeding your baby's stool soft, add the
tomato sauce in their diets, orange juice, vegetable juice, or the
baby honey in warm water, baby drink every day to 60 ~ 90 ml, promote
intestinal peristalsis.
If the above method is not optimal, the discretion to reduce the
amount of milk, increasing from milk food such as rice, pasta, etc.
Have been added from milk food baby constipation occur, you can
increase the cellulose content of higher food, such as food,
vegetables, fruit and vegetable congee; a large number of baby
constipation is to eat some food or coarse grains, but also eat a lot
of sweet potatoes and celery, leeks and other crude fiber, vegetables,
drink plenty of water, especially in the high-protein, too much
exposure to high-calorie food, more time to drink water and eat
fruits and vegetables.
Prudential policy 3
From baby 3 months, starts training scheduled defecation habits,
after 1 year of age, in the morning and after a half hour to let the
baby sit urinals, whether or not to relieve himself to sit in the
urinals for 10 minutes, once on the formation of defecation time
regularly, do not arbitrarily change.
When the baby is constipated, doctor, retrain intestinal defecation
reflex. After the breakfast to baby Enema, then immediately sat in
the urinals, even if your baby does not have a fecal excretion at
once, you will also need to take 10 minutes continuous seven days
later, the next day enema once, then stop the enema after 7 days.
This helps the baby set up reflex of defecation.
Expert reminder: baby needs enemas and drug use Enema, must strictly
follow the doctor's advice.
Prudential policy 4
Let the baby active outdoor sports, such as running, jumping, riding
a cart, play, etc., in order to enhance the strength of the abdominal
muscles and can contribute to intestinal peristalsis. For the faint
of heart, as far as possible, the baby in the House of defecation,
not to easily change the defecation environment. A similar situation
when your baby when you want to do early. psychological guidance
Special care: If baby constipation and abdominal distension for many
days, abdominal pain, vomiting accompanied by fever, it is timely to
seek medical treatment in case of intestinal obstruction.

?Constipation, abdominal pain, fever, baby, vomiting

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