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					Beautiful South Africa

                         Pilgrim’s Rest – South Africa

Pilgrim's Rest is located on the scenic Panorama Route in the northeast corner
of South Africa's Mpumalanga Province. This quaint little village offers the
visitor an interesting selection of cultural, historic and eco experiences in an
atmosphere reminiscent of the early pioneers.

Pilgrim's Rest history dates back to the 1870s when a miner, Alex Patterson,
discovered alluvial gold on the farm named Ponieskrantz. The area was soon
officially proclaimed a gold field and prospectors flocked to the area in search
of fortune, bringing with them their families, friends and a spirit of discovery.

Soon the settlement became a thriving tent town and grew rapidly to include a
church, newspaper, grub houses and the now famous Royal Hotel. Strolling
through the village one can still sense the wild atmosphere of these gold rush

Beautiful South Africa

days in the many historic buildings and landmarks, each with their own
fascinating tales from the past.

The Diggings Site on the outskirts of town offers a gold-panning demonstration
and is an authentic re-creation of how the Pilgrim's valley once looked, with its
Gold Commissioner's hut, prison tent, transport wagon and steam engine.

The entire town was declared a National Monument in 1986 in living memory
of its auspicious history and today its preservation is managed by a dedicated
group of architects and historians.

You simply cannot leave town without raising a toast at the bar in the Royal
Hotel. The building itself has a fascinating history and you will always find a
good conversation to join with one of the locals. The hotel also offers good
conference facilities and is a great location for parties and weddings.

The area around Pilgrim's Rest is packed with attractions too numerous to
mention. Day trippers can picnic at God's Window, Lisbon Falls or Berlin Falls
or visit the unique natural whirlpools at Bourkes Luck potholes. The more
energetic can enjoy nine holes of golf, horse riding, trout fishing or hike one of
several nature trails.

Whether you stay for a day or a week, Pilgrim's Rest will capture your heart
with its beautiful surroundings, quirky atmosphere and unique blend of history
and architecture.



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