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					?Drugs, the blind, the skin, nausea, tumor

?Common treatments for trigeminal


Trigeminal neuralgia is a place in the trigeminal nerve distribution
within short, recurrent severe pain. Divided into two categories of
primary and secondary. The former etiology; the latter by
inflammation, trauma, tumors, vascular disease, etc. As a result of
trigeminal neuralgia etiology and pathology is still not clear,
therefore, treatment is diverse. The most common clinical treatment
methods are as follows: the Sofia district, Shenzhen, Guangzhou
University of traditional Chinese Acupuncture Wu yonggang

First, an oral therapy

Carbamazepine, phenytoin is the preferred drug for the treatment of
trigeminal neuralgia. This kind of drug reactions are drowsiness,
dizziness, weakness, thirst, nausea, unsteadily, drug eruption, bone
marrow suppression (which may give rise to persistent leukopenia,
thrombocytopenia simplex, aplastic anemia) and liver damage, etc.
This class of drug resistance, with the oral dose gradually increases,
the effect is getting worse.

??? 二、 Superiores
   For drug treatment is denied surgery and is not suitable for
surgery patients can choose the Superiores method.

Treatment drugs (alcohol, glycerin, vitamin B1, B12, dexamethasone,
etc.) directly into the trigeminal ganglion, a branch or a half block
from nerve paralysis, to temporarily relieve pain relieving symptoms.

But the side effect is large, frequent complications include: loss of
feeling side of closed, numbness; individual patients appear closed
side of the mouth, chew; local subcutaneous congestion, edema; if
closed deviation can lead to blindness, the blind side, many closed
back pain is not optimal.

Three and a half months ganglia with RF

Also known as the Thermocoagulation, this method is in the x-ray
monitor, CT-guided radiofrequency skin will insert section, use
gasserian RF Tester has electric heat within the Organization,
depending on the temperature of the nerve fibers of tolerance,
selectively destroy the transmission of pain fibers, so as to achieve
the analgesic effect.

This treatment method is the face of adverse reactions to feel
abnormal, keratitis, blindness, Herpes Zoster, cerebral hemorrhage,
etc. Relapse and recurrence, and then use other methods of treatment
in some patients.

4. surgical treatment

Currently neuralgia often craniotomy: the Middle Fossa trigeminal
root amputation, trigeminal nerve Transection, trigeminal root
extract and posterior Fossa of microvascular trigeminal root extract.

The above method to destroy the trigeminal nerve, so that the normal
physiological function of the trigeminal nerve loses to temporarily
relieve pain, can cause facial feeling numbness, ataxia, and so on.
And surgical treatment of serious risk, if the operation fails,
serious complications of surgery, so it is generally not willing to
accept treatment.

VI. Gamma Knife treatment

Gamma Knife analgesia is focused on the gamma rays and pain related
to pre-selecting the brain nuclei or pain pathway, a large dose of
radiation damage pain of transduction, blocking the transmission of
pain and the analgesic effect of reach. Also made certain effect.
Their cost is high, can also cause cancer recurrence and sequelae.

7, laser therapy and acupuncture

Convenient, safe and fast, side effects, often once to relieve pain.

8. Chinese herbal therapy

Using the traditional Chinese medicine theory, diagnosis and
treatment. Confined to the medical efficacy of the clinical level.
?Drugs, the blind, the skin, nausea, tumor

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