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Chest pain is not always a heart _42217

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					?Chest pain, cough, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, angina

?Chest pain is not always a heart


Many people think, chest pain is coronary heart disease symptoms, not
necessarily. The data show that in the clinic as coronary heart
disease patients in approximately one-fifth are misdiagnosed. There
have been some specious symptoms, many young people were diagnosed as
myocarditis, year old man was diagnosed with coronary heart disease.
In fact, not only heart disease symptoms of chest pain occurs, other
diseases also occur such symptoms. Ningbo Lee hospital more than Kai-
cardiothoracic surgery

Esophageal disease information to indicate that, in the non-cardiac
chest pain, half from esophageal disease. A number of esophageal
diseases, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia,
achalasia, esophageal spasm and diffuse esophageal cancer and other
diseases that can cause chest pain, with gastroesophageal reflux
disease is most common. Gastroesophageal reflux disease characterized
by below the sternum or pain substernal Cauterization-like, after
eating or eating.      Esophageal chest pain caused by disease
clinical characteristics and cardiac chest pain is very similar to
the esophageal disease causing chest pain is usually associated with
eating, and also with some gastrointestinal symptoms. Cardiac
neurosis disease in middle age or menopausal women. Its performance
is chest pain or chest pain, is a little more, a line, a small piece
or chest pain, back symmetry last for a few hours or a whole day, and
came to a deep breath before they feel comfortable. Most patients
with nerves, palpitations, sweating, insomnia and other symptoms;
public upset chest, outdoor or open the Windows before they feel
comfortable.      Chest pain attacks often associated with emotional
stress, stress, overwork. The chest itself disease such as the costal
cartilage periostitis, often at 2 ~ 4 rib cartilage and quarter rib
(rib front lower edge). Local common pain and tenderness, swelling of
the onset of costal cartilage, pain with a deep breath, coughing and
limb. If the chest pain is electric shock-like pain, it is possible
that the intercostal neuralgia.     If the chest pain limited to
intercostal with skin allergies, is often an early manifestation of
herpes zoster. Respiratory diseases: acute bronchitis or bronchial
pneumonia, cough and expectoration, also often accompanied by pain
substernal or urgency. If the chest pain with breathing or coughing
aggravated, pain and restricted to one side of the chest, often of
Pleurisy. Chest pain, with a dry cough, even with blood in the sputum,
suffering from lung cancer. People if you suffer from chronic
bronchitis, emphysema or tuberculosis, there is no any aura and
suddenly felt a severe chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating,
pallor, should be considered as a spontaneous pneumothorax.      For
bedridden patients, or deep venous thrombosis, venous pelvic surgery
and surgical history of patients, such as sudden chest pain with
hemoptysis, breathing difficulties, you should consider the
possibility of occurrence of pulmonary embolism. Cervical part of
cervical spondylosis or palpitations, chest tightness, paroxysmal
precordialgia with dizziness, called neck heart syndrome. Neck heart
syndrome and identification of angina: ① neck heart Syndrome often
have a long history of paperwork, or long-term sitting or lying in
bed watching TV bad habits. ② cervical disease caused by paroxysmal
precordialgia duration, usually for 1 ~ 2 hours. ③ taking
antianginal drugs no apparent effect. ④ artificially oppression
cervical tenderness district next to chest pain. ⑤ receive treatment
such as physiotherapy, massage and can effectively reduce
precordialgia attack time and frequency.

?Chest pain, cough, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, angina