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Check on Renal Biopsy _42124


									?Check, hematuria, skin, on average, pathology

?Check on Renal Biopsy

?Recently, many parents and friends in a more or less in the question
referred to renal biopsy, in order to help us understand this check,
I will just friends concerns for a concentrated solution.

1. What is Renal Biopsy? renal biopsy is in a different way to take a
little bit of kidneys out for pathological examination. Renal Biopsy,
there are several ways to clinicians and patients and parents
acceptable generally is percutaneous Renal Biopsy, which is often say
"Renal Biopsy", that is, with a diameter of about 1.5 mm thin needles,
needle from the skin, long wearing takes about 1 centimeter kidney,
renal tissue fine needle access before and after just 1 second. This
check is safe, fast, many kidney patients an essential check project.
Children's Hospital of Nanjing Nanjing subsidiary branch Ponderosa
out kidney

2. the purpose of Renal Biopsy: renal Renal Biopsy for organizations
to carry out the necessary treatment for optical microscopes,
electronic microscopes and immunofluorescence, at least you can
achieve the following three objectives: to help diagnose diseases
(such as hematuria what disease), learn about kidney disease severity
(through different disease type classification, analysis and
comparison to the treatment and the treatment of choice in the most
appropriate intensity), helps determine disease prognosis (depending
on the gravity of the pathological damage prediction of its outcome,
fate, and so on). Therefore, Renal Biopsy check on kidney disease
diagnosis, treatment plan or adjust as well as determine prognosis
are important values. And unlike some of my friends think the
judgment only on the treatment outcome, no help.

3. the benefits of Renal Biopsy: statistics show that Renal Biopsy in
the diagnosis of amendments to the examination of 34 ~ 63 per cent,
to fixed rate up to 19 ~ 36%, the rate of correction of estimate
prognosis for up to 32-36 percent. The fact that, in the kidney
disease areas of pathology and clinical integration of diagnosis and
treatment, it is far more than a simple clinical level.

4. what circumstances should take into account the clinical Renal
Biopsy in the diagnosis of some unknown nephritis, treatment is not
satisfied with nephrotic syndrome, unexplained persistent proteinuria
and hematuria or patient is required to carry out this inspection. In
addition, such as lupus and anaphylactic Purpura and other diseases
of the kidney damage is often for renal biopsy to determine the
severity of renal damage to guide clinicians rational drug use. Just
friends often concerned with hematuria, if sustained, or even naked
hematuria as microscopic hematuria but merge with proteinuria and
hematuria lasts more than six months or a year, parents or doctors
need clear diagnosis, hematuria mode or less obvious changes in the
past. It is important to note that some of the causes of diseases,
such as blood, urine and IgA nephropathy, hereditary nephritis
(Alport's syndrome), thin basement membrane disease (familial benign
recurrent hematuria) only through Renal Biopsy can be confirmed. Thin
basement membrane disease (familial benign recurrent hematuria), most
do not require treatment.

5, Renal Biopsy secure? this is a question of general interest to
parents. Although percutaneous renal biopsy is a damage inspection
methods, but with the puncture needle, positioning technology and
puncture technology matures, its success rate is high, security is
good. We carry out from the 1990s General Pediatric Renal Biopsy in
check and pathological diagnosis of projects for different age groups
of children with kidney disease for more than 1400 percutaneous Renal
Biopsy, minimum age is only part of the children August, only after a
transient mild hematuria, 2-5 days to recover, not other serious
complications. Children receiving Renal Biopsy before carrying out
the necessary checks and assessments, doctors only children can
safely withstand and fully prepared will be the check.

6, Renal Biopsy on a child's future will not be a us to clear or
accurate diagnosis, the kidney to glomerulus in an average of 20%.
While our normal people on each side of the kidney glomeruli with 100
000. Normal people as long as there is 100 000 to glomerulus to meet
human need, and another 100 000 can be understood as a strategic
reserve. This is why many friends only one kidney but learning, life,
birth are not affected. Speaking of impact, for example, you have a
200 Yuan, for various reasons been away $ 20 or $ 20 off, you will
think that $ 20 can affect your mood, or the quality of life?

7. make needs of Renal Biopsy hospital? I Institute must be
hospitalized for renal biopsy, General Hospital two days in advance,
make the necessary checks such as b-double check kidney morphology
and structure is suitable for renal biopsy, blood tests, blood
coagulation checks to ensure that children are in good condition,
check for urine analysis in order to exclude a urinary tract
infection, measuring blood pressure, etc. Need to stay in bed after
24 hours, one week to avoid strenuous activities. General report from
the hospital to, determine treatment options in a week or less to

8, renal biopsy from just one side, partial, can reflect on the
overall situation? Renal Biopsy under General from right kidney pole
of kidney, great vessels, high safety. The vast majority of kidney
disease are diffuse and consistency of lesions are generally not one
to focus on one side of the light (vascular malformation or a renal
hypoplasia, both cases are not allowed to do the kidney biopsy), also
will not appear above and below the very obvious difference.
Therefore, if we take a small ball enough (at least 5 more) can
generally determine disease. This statistically called sampling tests,
like a bag fitted with a white ball and a red ball, the ball if you
get enough (like 10 more), it should be found in two colors and
roughly the same proportion.

?Check, hematuria, skin, on average, pathology

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