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					Joel: God will help Joel 2:18-32
Younger Verse Older Verse Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever problems you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13

Teachers: This unit is designed to help your children understand some of the stories in the Old Testament. PLEASE remember to always include the New Testament verses—this helps each child see how God’s ultimate plan was fulfilled in Christ!

Welcome Time

How do you feel when you tell someone that you are sorry for something you did? In today’s lesson, Joel helps the people see that sometimes we have to tell God we are sorry for the wrongs we have done. Please note:This portion of the lesson is given to help in teaching the lesson. Please read through the story and read it in the Bible. Do NOT read from this piece of paper. Instead, make a note sheet and place it next to the story in the Bible. The land of Judah had just had an awful thing happen. Bunches of locusts came and destroyed all the crops and land. (A locust is an insect like a grasshopper that eats leaves etc.) This caused a big famine in the land. That means that there wasn’t enough food for everyone. People and animals were dying because they had no food or water to drink. Joel was a prophet who lived at this time. He told the people what God said. He gathered the people together to talk to God about the hard struggles they were having. The people did come together and turned back to God. They told God they were sorry for all the things that they had done wrong. They asked for forgiveness and told God that they would not do those wrongs again. Joel told the people that God was good and caring. He would help them by sending lots of fruits and vegetables. He would restore His people because they were sorry for their wrongs. The people were so excited because God had shown them mercy. He could have destroyed them, but He chose to help them. They were so glad that God was slow to get angry and showed kindness towards them.

Bible Story

Lesson Goals

See our need to ask God’s forgiveness Understand what it means to call on the Lord

Later in verse 32 of chapter 2, Joel says that “whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” He tells the people that God will help them through the hard times. We know that God can help us too (deliver us). Romans 10:13 repeats what Joel said, “If we call on God, He will save us and help us.” What does it mean? God knew that there was no way for us to save ourselves because we are sinners (we do wrong). So He made a way for us to be “saved” and go to Heaven. It is by calling or believing in Jesus Christ. We must believe that Jesus died and rose again for all our bad wrongs. He died on a cross for us and came back to life to show that there is victory. If we trust in Him, we will not die, but have life forever with God! Would you like to know more? Talk to me now or during snack time.
Learning Activities

Try some fun activities to help the kids realize the message of the story.

Memory Verse Activities

The verse says to “forgive.” Practice situations where you have to forgive others. Share how God forgives us and we should do the same to others.

Prayer Time

Have all the kids name something that they can see that they are thankful for. Each can start the sentence: God, I am thankful for ________. Close by thanking God for all the ways He forgives us and loves us. Choose fun snacks that are good to eat and easy to clean up.

Snack Time/CleanUp

Planning for Lesson 95 Amos: God forgives Amos 9:11-15

Preschool Lesson For Joel A very long time ago in the Bible, there lived a man named Joel. He loved God very much. He was a messenger for God. He would tell the people what God said. Sadly, the people stopped listening to God. They did not care about God and wanted to do things their way. This made God very sad because He loved them. The people planted fruits and vegetables for their families. They worked the soil to make sure they had many different foods to eat. One day an awful thing happened. Locusts came and ate all the crops that the people had planted in the fields. There was nothing to eat!! The people were very sad and scared. They did not know what to do. Joel talked to the people and helped them know that God still loved them. They told Joel that they were sorry for how they stopped listening to God. Joel told the people that God forgave them for their mistakes. He told them that God was good and caring. Joel shared that God would help them have good food to eat again. The people were so happy that God loved them even when they had done wrong. They worshipped God and told Him how much they loved Him. Thank God for loving you and caring for you.

Hands-On Activities For Joel

Remember the old verse about the egg “Humpty Dumpty.” When the egg fell off the wall, there were definite consequences (he was broken). In Joel, the people did wrong and had consequences for it (locusts ate their crops). Bring boiled eggs and set them on the wall. Let the kids knock them over and see the results. Now THEY have to clean up the mess! Share how wrong choices also affects others. Share how God can help us make right choices when we follow Him. (Idea courtesy of Heritage Builders)

Play Bible Tic Tac Toe using the story of Joel

Bring a locust or grasshopper to class. If a live one is not available, use the locust shell that can be found on tree trunks. Talk about how the locust destroyed the crops in Judah when Joel was there.

Think of someone whom you have hurt. Write a note to them telling them that you are sorry for what you did wrong.

Sometimes people hurt us and we have a hard heart towards them. Instead of harboring a grudge, you be the first one to say something. You will feel so much better with the “weight” off your shoulders.

Joel 2:32 and Romans 10:13 says that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Talk about what it means to call on God.

Bring some “Life Savers” candies to class. Ask the kids why they think it is called that name. Supposedly, the candy received its name because the hole in the center would save a person from suffocating if the candy got stuck in their throat. Give each person a candy. Ask them how JESUS is our life saver.

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