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									  Youth DNA™ Recruit® Helmet (Medium) from Schutt

Another dynamic helmet designed for the youth market, the DNA&#153 Recruit® from Schutt Sports
is an affordable alternative for the youth through junior high football player. The DNA&#153 Recruit®
showcases the sleek, aerodynamic shell of the DNA™, which the players love, but also features
the advanced level of protection parents desire. That same spherical shape helps turn aside some of
the biggest hits, changing the helmet-to-helmet collisions into more glancing blows.
See those unique dart-shaped holes on the helmet crown? Yea, they look cool but they're also a
functional ventilation system, circulating air to keep you cool.The DNA&#153 Recruit® is an offspring
of the DNA&#153 Pro&#153 helmet, which has been designed to not only meet NOCSAE standards,
but also the tougher standards being championed by Biokinetics and Associates Ltd. Their standards
are based on recent research conducted on behalf of the NFL. The DNA&#153 Pro™ was a
finalist for the 2004 Sports Product of the Year because it changed the way everyone thinks about
football helmets.
That's the kind of heritage the DNA&#153 Recruit® brings to the field, which means it's the perfect
choice for any coach or parent looking for an affordable, premium helmet. Meets NOCSAE Standards.
Durable alloy shellImpact absorbing front/crown pad; made from ultra cushioning vinyl nitrile foamVinyl
encapsulated front/crown/side fit liner ensure

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