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?Urticaria diet note


Although the cause of urticaria, currently considered food complex
factors about a large part of the reason. Particularly acute
urticaria, often have a direct relationship with the food and,
therefore, urticaria to drink some more attention. Urticaria is
restricted diet, but the reasonable limits. For acute urticaria, if
it is not caused by infection or drug, the first thing you should
avoid the assassination of stress-induced allergy, spicy food,
seafood, dairy, eggs, etc., be sure to carefully review, there is
usually not always eat and drink, including vegetables, fruit. In
particular, some spice and preservatives are not ignored, because
these substances are not easy to attract attention, these substances
are allergic or rarely. Therefore, it is recommended that people with
urticaria below zhumadian Hospital of dermatovenereology inert ke yi

1 yijin light diet, rest, do not be tired, a moderate amount of
sports. Eat more rich in vitamins of fresh fruits and vegetables or
taking vitamin c and B, or B b in Group 6.
Eat more alkaline food such as: grape, green tea, seaweed and Sesame
tomato, cucumber, carrots, bananas, apples, oranges, radishes, green
bean, Italy, etc.
2 not eat pungent fish fishy fawu: in no case may an incentive to
avoid assassination and shrimp, crab and stress-induced food. Such as
shrimp and crab, oysters, clams, sea turtle, trichiurus, eels, pig
meat, chicken, red meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, etc.,
because the food is easy to heat, weathering the birth of the disease.
Pepper, pepper, cinnamon, onions, Curry, fennel, tobacco, alcohol,
etc. Because these foods may help the blood disease induced by
thermal power occurred; sometimes also can directly be allergens,
producing an allergic response.
3. not eat fried or fatty foods: such as frying, grilling, cured meat,
animal offal, cream cake, chocolate, etc, because these foods easy
sputum examination or wet, humid heat, to skin the intrinsic and
induced disease.
About chronic urticaria with food allergy incidence of conjecture,
generally 3-4 days later, if the skin lightening or fade, to recall
the rash former food and near 3-4 days from discovery of suspicious
food, but are not sure, to be dissipated, skin rash with provocation
test to troubleshoot. If a person suspected of having some sort of
fish caused by allergies, but I'm not sure; be rash to recede, eat
once again, such as the rash, you can certainly caused by some kind
of fish. Some people may wonder why the past also eaten? not allergy
may be eaten fresh, whether of not too many, and whether or not
combined with other food, etc.
5, for chronic urticaria diet restrictions more careful, because the
causes of chronic urticaria is more acute, more complex, the food is
not a major factor. Some ganguolei, such as walnut, beans, peanut
butter, chocolate, coffee, lemon drink are not rare. For patients
with chronic urticaria in particular, must be carefully, and patience
to find the most likely cause. In short, acute urticaria restricted
diet is the key, chronic urticaria is more common among other factors,
it is best not to place undue restrictions on diet and the blind.

?Urticaria, drugs, skin rashes, food,

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