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					?The contraceptive pill, acne, skin, loss of appetite for pikang

?The misunderstanding of acne


1, mistaken for acne are only the unique products of puberty
zhumadian Hospital of dermatovenereology inert ke yi

(1) Acne may occur at any age. Adolescent clinic in addition,
there are:

(2) of the newborn acne: available in a few months after
birth, the general condition and lighter, most can be self

(3) baby acne: the 3-6 months, sustainable to five years of
age, the baby to adult patients with acne prone to severe

(4) juvenile acne: in recent years due to the acceleration of
the pace of work, learning, life, diet change, air pollution,
a growing number of patients with acne, onset age was young
and middle age. Juvenile mainly due to a family of oily skin,
value of puberty, endocrine, and learning and family social

(5) Acne: endured years of career women who have endured a
long pimples, mainly the stress, from work, family,
relationships, or due to disease.

(6) Acne, 50-5-year-old: some patients before they occur,
mainly endocrine, caused by the reduction of estrogen, or
diseases such as liver disease, diabetes, etc.
2, disdain for acne, mistaken for only a small disease

The occurrence of acne is very complex. In addition to the
endocrine, excessive secretion of the cortex and other
infection factors, such as Immunology, genetics, blood
rheology changes is also considered it relevant to acne, and
social psychology, lifestyle, living environment is also a
great relationship; Furthermore mental stimulation as self-
complacency, dissatisfaction, depression, and result in
mental disease, exacerbation of endocrine effects.

There should be long-term treatment of acne. Comprehensive
analysis of the cause, should be treated.

3. facial acne drugs or hormones

Since his diagnosis, cure, self-medication, not respecting
orders, medications wrongfully, acne is not very good
treatment, side effects, or cause serious consequences.

Abuse of hormones such as Dermatitis, for pikang Wang,
Thatcher, etc. can cause acne. Hormones can stimulate the
Sebaceous Glands Hyperplasia, make more exuberant, Sebaceous
skin manifestations occur secondary damage to the hairy,
vulnerable, skin becomes thin, stimulate pigment cell
hyperplasia, Telangiectasia, leave clear of pigmentation
spots. And forms the hormone-dependent dermatitis.

4. use of contraceptives

In a number of young women in pop pills to treat acne. But
the readily pills will cause some side effects, such as: loss
of appetite, gastrointestinal discomfort and dizziness caused
by sluggish and so on. Causes of acne because, if it is not
caused by endocrine dysfunction pills will not be valid. In
short the acne medication should be guided by the doctor.

5, mistaken for a makeup can cloak acne skin protection
Makeup, skin pores and accumulate a lot of make-up, and with
the sweat and dust in the air, mixed with dirt, blocking the
pores, make acne worse.

6, mistaken for wash face, extrusion can treat acne

Acne patients keep skin clean is important, but should not be
hard to wash the face. Wash face can stimulate the secretion
of sebum glands increases, the rich make acne worse.

Some people think that the acne extrusion out just fine. But
the legacy after the acne extrusion deep scars. In addition,
extrusion will broaden and deepen the severity of the

7, can be mistaken for a sunburn in the treatment of acne

Some people think that Sun can treat acne, but so far no
information can improve acne. It just makes the skin tanning,
acne seems to be non-obvious.

?The contraceptive pill, acne, skin, loss of appetite for pikang

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