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									?Radiotherapy, loss of appetite, skin, medicine, side effects

?Side effects of radiation therapy


High radiation doses can damage or destroy cancer cells, but also
damage to normal cells, causing side effects. Many patients have no
side effects, but some patients in the treatment of the relevant
parts of the side effects. Although side effects cause of sorts, but
most are not serious, but the available medications or diet. The
second affiliated hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University School of
medicine and radiotherapy Tacoma hongbing
Side effects vary from person to person, it depends on dose and
treatment position. The patient's health status will also affect the
body's response to therapy, and whether any side effects.
Side effects are divided into two kinds: acute and chronic. Acute
side effects (or short) in treatment shortly after the ensuing, and
generally in the treatment cease after a few weeks to completely
disappear. Chronic (long-term) side effects may take several months
or years is only gradually revealed, but are usually permanent.
The most common side effects are fatigue, skin changes, and loss of
appetite. Other side effects are usually treated parts, such as on
the head with hair loss arising.
Fortunately, most timely elimination of side effects will be. At the
same time, we still have a way to reduce the side effects. If the
patient's response to particularly severe, your doctor may interrupt
treatment or alter therapy methods. Generally do not want to
interrupt the radiotherapy treatment, because this can decrease the
treatment effect.

Patients should take him to the attention of the side effects, tell
your doctor or nurse to help treat these problems.

?Radiotherapy, loss of appetite, skin, medicine, side effects

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