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					?Retina, advanced, check, blindness, preterm infants

?Retinopathy of prematurity


    Normal eye is a ball eye wall's innermost to retina, that is to
say, we see objects of photosensitive layer. Neonatal preterm
delivery, generally in the mother during pregnancy and after birth,
38 weeks eyes of various structures are fundamental development and
maturation. Preterm infants, their retinal vascular lesions that
appear in the glass body dysplasia. This kind of structure on the one
hand prevent abnormal light reaches the retina, vitreous opacity; on
the other hand, the proliferation of retinal tissue will stretch,
retinal detachment, cause of blindness in children. This disease
occurs in the premature infant, low birth weight infants and infants
with a history of oxygen, which is also an important cause of
blindness in neonates. Oxygen is also one of the risk factors. To
save the lives of premature babies, and oxygen must be used. Oxygen
itself are not toxic, neonatal body on oxygen. Neonatal body
development, hypoxia, hypoxic, retinal vascular will like like growth
around the vine. While giving adequate oxygen, the vessel was on the
"lazy". Once you stop oxygen, retinal vascular proliferation is
excessive, resulting in a proliferation of retinal lesions and
blindness. Where premature (gestational age is less than 36 weeks) or
low birth weight infants (birth weight less than 2000 grams) to carry
out screening for retinopathy of prematurity. Screening time: if
greater than 32 weeks gestational age at birth, birth after the first
screening; if less than 32 weeks gestational age at birth, to
corrections after 32 weeks gestational age (gestational age +
corrected gestational age = born expeditions) begins the first
screening. Complex screen time should first examine the results. If
none of the conditions of the local hospital for early screening,
parents should bring baby to Tianjin eye hospital vitreoretinal
Centre Chief expert Professor Osman was found. Tianjin eye fundus
diseases professional Osman
    For preventing retinopathy of prematurity and what measures
should be taken of blinding? ?

   First, control time with oxygen, as far as possible short time.

    Second, use oxygen in preterm or low birth weight infants should
periodically check the fundus and follow-up to 3 ~ 6 months. ?

    Thirdly, the lesions can be selected for phase, cryotherapy,
laser, most of the lesions may subside. ?

    Fourthly, in advanced cases can choose or vitreous-retinal
surgery, but the result is poor.

    If detected early retinopathy of prematurity, the treatment will
be very good results, basically by laser or surgical treatment, can
cause vision loss in children is not affected. He told reporters
after them on many tracks, preterm infants in the clinic, the growth
in preterm infants to 37 weeks, 38 weeks, with most of the lesions.
But some preterm infants, 38 weeks of time nor negligence. In bear
yongqiang patients in newborn infants, to 44 weeks after the symptoms
of the disease, because the first time got the treatment, the child's
eyes. Reduction of retinopathy of prematurity of blindness is caused
by specialized, first discovered early in the treatment of many
diseases can be cured. However, once you missed the best treatment,
disease in children with access to advanced, lost opportunities,
surgery may end up declining vision loss, eye, leaving behind a
lifetime of regret.

    The disease according to the severity of retinopathy can be
divided into five periods. The first, second, the retina and the
retinal compared to normal newborn will be some exceptions, however
this also does not appear manifestly neovascularization, does not
require treatment, the majority of newborn illness will automatically
recover, but want to see on a regular basis, because there are still
some newborn illness will continue to develop into the third period.
The third phase, begin to emerge in children with retinal
neovascularization, then you can use the condensation or
photocoagulation approach to therapy, and most of the ill children's
condition can be controlled and improved. But if you do not receive
treatment neovascularization continue proliferation, will stretch the
retina retinal detachment occurs locally, and ultimately lead to
total retinal detachment, this is the fourth and fifth period of
change. If a child's eyes have seen the whole of retinal detachment
and there is little hope of cure.
    Tianjin eye hospital vitreoretinal Centre with the latest
inspection equipment.

?Retina, advanced, check, blindness, preterm infants

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