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					?Radiotherapy, erosion, Yunnan baiyao, skin, check

?Radiation proctitis hematochezia

? Zhaomou, male, 37 years old, two years ago, was transferred to the
thymus malignant lymphoma of the lymph nodes and sacral and
sacrococcygeal chest radiotherapy, equivalent too large after
radiotherapy for hard black sacrococcygeal skin, anal, intermittent
xuebian, colonoscopy see into the mirror to the transverse colon and
the junction of the sigmoid colon, rectum and anus 10 cm,
circumferential erosion barely bleeding, bowel mucosal Orange rest,
the surface is smooth with no exception, with their own wet towel,
one month after a cold compress to the anus, but more than restore
the blood, stool, bowel difficulties are sheep manure-like lumps,
intermittent abdominal distension, 3-5 day time after defecation and
blood was used to reduce swelling, Yunnan baiyao, gentamicin,
dexamethasone, Thrombin Haemostatic, adrenaline, topical powder local
oppression and enema have not been effective, fasting, parenteral
nutrition for ten days, but no big changes stimulate blood remains
the same, and dark red blood coagulation mass, volume, peak discharge
near 800ml blood, fasting is not valid after a couple of the patients
in General, once a day with Aloe gel, a slight decrease in the blood,
and today has more than 20 blood transfusion, and diet and defecation
guidance after his condition has stabilized.

?Radiotherapy, erosion, Yunnan baiyao, skin, check

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