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Porcelain teeth teeth more health technology _39634


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									?Teeth, dentistry, Medical University, Shandong, technology

?Porcelain teeth teeth more health


Shandong provincial hospital dentistry is the focus of the hospital,
its departments in the national dental technology leader, composer
Jerry doctor in the early 1990s in Stomatology, Beijing Medical
University for a year, and continuing education courses return in
Shandong province pioneered porcelain teeth technology, porcelain
teeth tens of thousands of cases. Many patients are people, there are
a number of overseas patients is friends came to find a composer
Jerry doctor porcelain teeth. Shandong provincial hospital dentistry
music Kit

Case study: xiaoli is a beautiful girl, and a lot of young girls,
music, shopping, sport, tourism, however, xiaoli never fond of
photography, because her smile very dissatisfied, but really not
happy with her a bad teeth.

Xiaoli said that, as a child candy, and I didn't know how to protect
your teeth, causing severe dental caries, let her not least suffer.
Even more depressing is that she has "tetracycline teeth."

Whenever a friend invited her photography, she stood in front of the
lens will always find embarrassing, smiling, smile, nor was he always
felt someone staring at her black ugly teeth, worried that someone
will secretly laughed at her teeth. Xiaoli upset, thinking like a
dental surgery, but do to make your own healthy white teeth become?

Expert interpretation: in modern society, with the improvement of
living standards and social competition increasing, there is growing
?Teeth, dentistry, Medical University, Shandong, technology

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